Project Management Risks

Project Management: How To Avoid Risks

20th Feb

Practically it does not matter whether the software development project is a complex or an easy one, each and every...

Initial Coin Offering

What is an ICO and How Does It Work (Explained in Simple Language)

19th Feb

The term ICO is an abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering, and it refers to the procedure of the initial placement...

Top Mobile Development Programming Languages in 2018

Smartphones are the only technical devices that are numerous enough to compare with all the people on Earth. Unsurprisingly, many...

Website or App - what is better?

Mobile App vs Mobile Website: What’s the Difference and Which is Better?

According to statistics for 2017, the number of people with a mobile phone is approaching 70% of the world’s population...

Your Boring Job

Motivation to finish your boring job

9th Feb

Oftentimes, we face boring tasks that have to be finished before moving onto the next stage of work. It might...

Types of Software Development Methodologies

The Most Popular Software Development Methodologies Overview

7th Feb

There are different software development models, and each of them represents a system of principles and approaches that determine the...

Calc Engine Case

Why Failure Is A Part Of The Road To Success (Calculation Engine Case)

Today I will tell you about the experience I gained developing one of our projects. An important conclusion I made...

Blockchain Glossary from A to Z – Everything You Need to Know

31st Jan

Blockchain is a promising technology that is already being used in many fields, and in the close-up perspective it can...

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