App Store Ratings/Reviews

How to Gain and Improve App Store Ratings and Reviews

11th Dec

App reviews and ratings are a testament to the quality of your business’ app. Ratings affect how potential customers perceive...

Continuous Delivery in software development

What is Continuous Delivery and What Are the Advantages of This Approach?

6th Dec

The term “Continuous Delivery” has been known for more than two decades, but in recent years this approach has become...


ASP .Net Boilerplate Is a Universal Framework for Modern Web Applications

4th Dec

ASP .Net Boilerplate is an open and well-documented platform which is actively being improved by developers and provides ample out-of-box...

Microservices Architecture

What Is Microservices Architecture and What Are Its Benefits?

28th Nov

A large number of apps used on a daily basis (online banking, entertainment services like YouTube, etc.) are often developed...

Customer App Development Mistakes

Top 6 Customer Issues During App Development (and How to Fix Them)

22nd Nov

Developing a mobile app is a difficult task, even if it is a seemingly simple product. Most customers come across...

Mobile App Wireframing

5 Excellent Wireframing Tools for Mobile Apps

20th Nov

Converting your thoughts and ideas into some form is the first step toward creating a future mobile app. Such visual...

How to Build Food Delivery App

How to Make a Food Delivery App Like Zomato or UberEats

15th Nov

A mobile food delivery app may be a great idea for a startup, or an additional sales tool for a...

Srum methodology (framework)

What is Scrum in Software Development: Roles, Processes, and When to Use It?

13th Nov

Scrum is a project management technique that is actively used in software development. Based on Scrum, it is possible to...

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