Software Development Team

Junior, Middle and Senior: How to Effectively Build a Team of Different Level Specialists

16th Aug

The success of any project in many ways depends on the team. Even a small product is mostly designed by...

Mobile App Payments

How to Integrate a Payment Gateway into Your Mobile Application

14th Aug

Smartphones have become a universal tool for solving a variety of tasks, including being a convenient payment method for goods...

Dedicated Team Model in Software Development

Dedicated Team Model: Pros, Cons and How It Works

1st Aug

The dedicated team is a model of cooperation between a customer and a provider of software development services, and as...

AI Programming

5 Most Popular AI Programming Languages in 2018

The development of artificial intelligence is one of the most promising directions in which many companies from all over the...

Lean Software Development definition

Lean Software Development: 7 Key Principles (in simple words)

24th Jul

Efficiency optimization and minimizing costs are two important components of the lean approach to software development, which has already been...

IoT App Development

7 Reasons To Invest in IoT Application Development

There are technologies that everyone is talking about, but their impact can often be small. There are also technologies to...

Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke Software: Advantages and Disadvantages for Business

Customized software is a product written specifically for a certain customer. It differs from ready-made software by being fully in...

Mobile App Onboarding flow

Mobile App Onboarding: 9 Best Practices with Examples

12th Jul

Onboarding is the brand identity of your app. The first impression, which largely means you will either get a loyal...

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