Play the guitar

From playing guitar to hitchhiking and snowboarding – what are Lvivity team hobbies?

24th Apr

Although job takes the most time of the day for an adult, each of us has something to enjoy doing...

Old foreign code for programmer

Why software engineers hate dealing with legacy code

20th Apr

I was recently asked why software developers are dead set against dealing with somebody’s code. I was thinking quite hard...

Software product reengineering

Software Reengineering and its Benefits for Business

19th Apr

Any software gets out of date over time and, if the enterprise’s performance depends on it, then there a number...

Mobile UX Design Principles

8 Best Practices for Mobile UX Design (for 2018 and Beyond)

17th Apr

Even if you have made a useful mobile-application that people find compelling, its popularity may remain low for one simple...

Inexpensive marketing tactics for startups

The Most Effective and Inexpensive Marketing Tactics for Startup Businesses

12th Apr

One of the main concerns for a startup business is developing cost effective strategies that will help their company grow....

IoT Technologies in 2018

12 Examples of How IoT Technologies Will Change Business in The Near Future

In a rapidly changing competitive environment, skillful technology usage is becoming one of the methods to achieve superiority over other...

Native or cross-platform development

Mobile Cross-platform App vs Native App – What’s The Difference in Development and Which One is Better?

5th Apr

The mobile apps market keeps growing and it is unlikely that anything will significantly change in the coming years. At...

costs for web app development

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Web App, and What Does the Price Depend on?

3rd Apr

Any potential client who comes to us with a project wants to know the answers to these questions. Trying to...

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