Education app development

Educational App Development: Important Features and Useful Tips

19th Jun

Mobile applications play an important role in education, and the niche is sufficiently promising to attract the attention of many...

Smart Contracts (Blockchain) and they meanings

What are Smart Contracts and How do They Work?

Smart contracts are self-executing agreements built into the blockchain-network which allow conducting transactions directly without any third parties participation. That...

What are User Stories and Why Write Them?

12th Jun

Using a user story is an important part of the Agile approach to software development. If you do not quite...

iOS or Android - which to Choose for App Development

Android vs iOS App Development: Which Platform Should You Choose?

The question concerning which platform to choose for app development continues to be relevant after many years. This is not...

Progressive Web Apps - definition

Introduction to Progressive Web Apps: Their Features and Benefits

5th Jun

As early as 2015, Google introduced a new technology to the world – progressive web apps (PWAs). Very few people...

Ideas for Location-Based Apps

Geolocation in the Mobile App: What are the Benefits for Business?

Geolocation technology in mobile apps allows their developers to locate devices and people, and use this information to provide a...

Developing Apps for Kids

How to Make Apps for Children: Tips for Developing, Designing and Monetizing

24th May

Millions of kids use mobile devices for games and entertainment every day. Though children rarely buy apps themselves, this audience...

ASP Net Zero framework

ASP.NET Zero is an Effective Solution for Creating Web and Mobile Apps

Software outsourcing involves working on various projects of different complexity and creation of products for customers from a wide range...

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