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Custom .NET Development Services

A high level of expertise and broad experience in implementing .net projects of different complexity allows us to provide our customers with truly effective solutions.

Lvivity offers a full cycle of .NET application development services on this platform, which allows you to create high-performance interactive and functional applications of any complexity on this platform.

We offer custom .NET development services for creating enterprise-level solutions, as well as web and desktop applications that meet the goals and requirements of any business enterprise, regardless of its size.

A high level of expertise and broad experience in implementing projects of different complexity allows us to provide our customers with truly effective solutions across multiple industries.

Our .NET Application Development Services include

The basis for organizing our business processes is prioritizing quality communication and using flexible development methodologies. The Lvivity team offers you the following services

Development Services

The creation of multifunctional and reliable web application for solving enterprise tasks, capable of operating under high load conditions.

.NET integration

We will integrate solutions for you built on .NET technologies in almost any development environment. We integrate CRM, ERP, and other applications with a common infrastructure and database.

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

Development of effective and scalable solutions for desktop systems using the Windows OS.

Custom .NET Development

Our team of experienced professionals will be able to transform your ideas and requirements into flexible and scalable software solutions that will take your business to the next level.

.NET Backend Development Service

The development and synchronization of databases, as well as other tasks related to ensuring the high-quality performance of the project on the server side.

Migration to .NET

Using outdated technologies reduces the potential of your business. We will help you transfer the existing application to the .NET platform, which will increase productivity and efficiency.

Why choose us

Despite the fact that blockchain is most often associated with the world of finance, its reach can be applied to any industry. This is due to the following benefits

  • Lvivity offers a full complement of services for developing .NET applications, which includes a thorough analysis of the project requirements, interface development, programming, project quality control, and its technical support
  • Our developers always remain up-to-date with the latest innovation and trends in web development and have a vast knowledge base for accomplishing complex .NET projects for many different industries. We would be happy to utilize this expertise and rich experience to help you in your business development
  • Contact us and we will gladly transform your ideas into reality!

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Our Clients

IT Consulting Firm
Project Lead
Lvivity’s work has been instrumental in the client’s business continuity. They’re hardworking and quick to respond to issues. Diligent and punctual, the team puts in extra work, and they’re very flexible. Their ability to integrate with the client’s team and their excellent work ethic stand out.
Development Company
The client is happy with Lvivity’s flexibility, which has allowed them to work directly with the developers. The team doesn’t generate a lot of overhead costs, and they communicate effectively through Skype. Their willingness to follow the client’s management is key to the partnership’s success.
Robert Mundinger
Founder, TheMap
Lvivity provided my company with outstanding technical skill and professional conduct in regards to expectations, timelines and deliverables. Lvivity helped me scale my product exponentially and has been a trusted partner in our efforts to release a truly fantastic product.
Patrick Kellenberger
CEO, SpreadIt
Lvivity offers a development service unlike any other. Not only do they have an incredibly diverse skill set but their project management and creativity when it comes to complex problem solving separates them from any other developer's we have worked with. It takes a unique set of dev's to be able to think about the larger problems and then scale that problem back down to a dev solution. We will continue to partner with Lvivity to help us sustain and grow our business.
Eckhard Ortwein
Managing Partner, 4-Ventures GmbH
We chose Lvivity because we we were looking for a partner that would be able to understand our complex requirements regarding both, high-end user interfaces and complex back-office requirements. Lvivity is constantly meeting our high expectations. We are reaching project goals in time, budget and quality. We are going to market based on a very trusted relationship.
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