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IT & Software Consulting

Our software consulting company provides businesses with result-oriented technical advice while solving a wide range of tasks, from software development to digital transformation strategy.

Software consulting provides a third party with expertise in software development and implementation. The service is in demand among businesses that require an external expert opinion on their software development solutions.

Software consulting services are aimed at increasing the return on investment by efficient project planning and management when it comes to either from-scratch development or ongoing solutions.

Software development consulting for enterprise

Use our IT & software consulting service if you:

  • do not know where to start working on your project;
  • are not sure which technology is best for your needs;
  • are looking for a development team to implement your idea;
  • want to audit the ongoing development process;
  • want to reduce software development cost;
  • need to improve your software product quality.

We strive to provide our customers with an integrated approach to IT infrastructure analysis and improvement by offering the following services:

  • Corporate software efficiency audit (web, mobile and desktop);
  • Finding ways to improve ongoing software systems;
  • Selecting optimal technologies for from-scratch project development, preparing technical specifications, and conducting project management tasks;
  • Planning the ongoing legacy-system upgrade;
  • Developing a digital transformation strategy for business.

Use the Lvivity specialists’ experience and technical expertise to automate and optimize business processes by introducing new technologies to your company.

Work With Us to Gain the Following Benefits

1. Subject area insights
We select the most suitable technologies for new tasks and provide advice on ongoing process improvement.

2. Best practices
Our experienced technology advisors use industry best practices to provide you with efficient solutions tailored to your business needs.

3. Independent view
Customers get an alternative, independent point of view on the current information system.

4. Time and money savings
Using our IT and software consulting services, you can optimize your business processes, saving time and money.

Our IT & software consulting services cost depends on the complexity of tasks and the time necessary to implement them. Consequently, we will be able to specify our services cost after we complete the initial interview.


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