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How to Develop a Hospital Management System: Main Benefits and Key Features

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How to make hospital management software

While using modern technologies, you can improve any business’s efficiency. Companies working in the healthcare sector can also fully experience the benefits of applying automation and digital transformation solutions in practice.

A hospital management system is a special software product aimed at the automation of various processes in healthcare clinic’s activities.

When used, it allows for systematizing and automating many processes, as well as improving business management efficiency and customer service quality.

If you are planning to develop a hospital management system software product, our article will be helpful for you. We will focus on the benefits you can get of using this kind of solution for business, as well as have a look at the important features that such a product should have.

Advantages of Implementing Hospital Management Software

By implementing a hospital management system, you get several benefits for your business, employees, and end customers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. The benefits of HMS that are relevant for any healthcare business are as follows:

  • Access from any device. Modern hospital management software is based on cloud technologies. Therefore, employees can work with the system from any location once they have access to the Internet. A software mobile version allows working on a tablet or smartphone.
  • Detailed efficiency analytics. While tracking important performance indicators and generating reports, you can evaluate your business efficiency or profitability integrally or separate areas or specialists.
  • Patient data single source. A hospital management system with a patient database allows you to store and quickly access a single place to get the most complete relevant information about the clinic’s customers.
  • Resource optimization. Based on the data obtained, you can distribute the workload among staff more efficiently, optimize their work during peak hours, and reduce equipment downtime.
  • Time and money saving. Hospital management software accelerates patient request processing and automates many operational processes. You can reduce the likelihood of errors and minimize the risks of data loss.
  • Services quality improvement. Hospital CRM allows for a more personalized patient approach, and consequently, increases customer retention, encouraging them to come again rather than switch to your competitors.
  • Data security. Data transmission using a secure protocol and the possibility to manage user access levels provide you with the opportunity to flexibly control access to data and be sure it is safe.
Importance and advantage of hospital management system

Now, we will proceed to the features that you need to include in the product requirements document when developing hospital management software.

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8 Key Features of Hospital Management System

Hospital management software capabilities are quite broad and may differ in each specific case. However, there are several versatile HMS feature list you should include in such kind of product if you plan to develop a hospital management software.

1. Patient Registration

Before everything else, an HMS should provide the possibility to register patients in the hospital, make an appointment, and save all the necessary information about them in the database. That is the foundation to build a further logic of interaction carried out by the healthcare facility’s employees with patients, conduct disease diagnostics, and administer treatment.

2. Electronic Health Records

When you store such data in your database, you can create a single source of valuable customer data (examination results, appointment history, completed questionnaires) and provide hospital staff with access to it whenever necessary.

3. Scheduling

Doctors can have their schedules automatically synchronized with the calendar, and that will allow hospital management to clearly plan work and analyze employees’ workload. This approach makes scheduling and appointment management more flexible, automates the application processing system, and allows reminding patients of a scheduled appointment.

Doctor's calendar in healthcare CRM

By Dribble

4. Laboratory Management

This unit should provide you with a possibility to quickly notify doctors and patients of test results, keep the historical result records, and provide easy access to all laboratory information in one place. Laboratory tests are vital for efficient treatment arrangements.

5. Inventory Management

This function in the hospital management software allows you to keep track of the necessary medication in stock and check the availability of equipment necessary for your healthcare facility’s smooth operation.

To avoid distracting medical staff from work and allow them to focus on patients’ needs, the entire supply chain should be automated for convenience.

6. Billing and Financial Management

An HMS automates billing, operating expense management, and accounting process. This feature will help your facility reduce the burden on dedicated employees and minimize the human error factor.

Besides, using this function, you can get a complete picture of your medical facility’s financial standing and develop a strategy aimed at increasing profits.

7. Statistic data and reports

Comprehensive statistic data on patients, doctors, financial matters, and other factors can be a source of valuable information that helps your business to grow. Once you have the possibility to generate the necessary report with a few clicks of the mouse, you will be able to efficiently plan your strategy and efforts at optimizing all business processes.

Hospital management system dashboard

By Choirul Syafril, Dribble

8. Mobile app for employees and patients

A mobile app in addition to the web version of the hospital management system is optional, but it can provide you with a good competitive advantage.

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Employees can use it for quick and easy interaction with the central CRM, and the version for patients can contain a personal treatment calendar, doctors’ schedules with a possibility to make appointments, access to test results, etc.

Features of hospital management system (project requirements)

How much does Hospital Management Software development cost?

Each case of hospital management system development will cost differently, but the factors affecting the price are the same as is the case with most other IT products:

  • a set of required functions;
  • predicted user flow/load;
  • the number of integrations with third-party services;
  • developers’ hourly rate, etc.

You can read more about these and other factors in our article: “What Determines Custom Software Development Costs: 6 Key Factors.”

Our experts can name a more accurate price while discussing the project after you provide them with more detailed information and express your wishes and requirements.

To summarize

A hospital management system is a powerful tool for automating and optimizing many processes in your clinic. By implementing it, you can increase your business efficiency and competitive performance. That is a perfect way to achieve several important goals at one go — enhance your healthcare facility’s productivity, smooth out your workload, and improve customer satisfaction.

Medical facilities with more than 10 employees should consider custom development of their hospital management software. This approach will meet the needs of the business better than using off-the-peg SaaS products.

The Lvivity team has all the necessary skills and is ready to become your reliable technology partner in implementing your ideas. Contact us, and we will answer all your questions.

June 17, 2021

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