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Our highly-experienced development team is always looking for interesting new projects.

We utilize a wide range of technologies allowing us to successfully resolve the issues our clients might face. Such principles of our company as result orientation and deep immersion into the customer’s particular business, make our clients confident they’ve found a reliable partner able to develop a software product for them.


FinTech FinTech includes products related to online payments, mobile banking, money transferring, asset management, banking transactions and other types of financial transactions. We welcome our customers to take the advantages of our long-standing expertise dealing with projects implementation in this industry and launch new ready-to-market products.

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Blockchain The blockchain technology is actively used all over the world and has been one of the most promising methods of data storage and transfering. An immense number of new projects based on this technology are constantly emerging in a wide variety of industries, and using it, both large corporations and small businesses push their boundaries further.

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Media and Entertainment We offer companies dealing with media and entertainment business our help in creating products which will provide them with a possibility to interact with their audience on a whole new level. Cloud technologies, mobile, and web applications which help to provide easy interaction with media content.

Social media

Social Media Software applications integrated with social media allow you to efficiently interact with your audience, increase brand loyalty, and reach higher business goals. Social media provide access to millions of users, and we are ready to help our customers take full advantage of it.

Inspection apps

Inspection App Specialized auditing and controlling solutions to inspect object compliance with certain criteria are used at enterprises of different industries. The possibility to enter data “on the go” significantly simplifies and accelerates the inspection process. Informative reports generation allows quick sharing of the inspection results.


Healthcare Industry Medical software applications development is one of our favorite work areas since we can call health the greatest value for every person. We possess both product development experience for private professionals and skills in designing complex systems for private clinics and medical centers.

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Bank Services

Bank Industry Mobile banking is an innovative tool facilitating financial and banking institutions’ interaction with their customers, and its relevance is constantly growing. When developing the applications, we pay much attention to the transactions security, payments convenience and scalability. You can be certain that our team will offer you really effective solutions.

Bots for Trading

Trading Industry Trading bots are special automated systems allowing you to make your stock exchange activity as efficient as possible. Unlike a human being, bots can work around the clock, providing the trader with greater freedom of action and saving time. Our experts can develop tools for investment and business activities automation, taking your individual needs into account.

With our solid background you are offered a high quality development, the latest technologies and frameworks, effective workflow management, flexibility and ontime delivery.


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