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Our team of developers offers software development for different platforms.

Technologies are the core of any product development. Their range is really wide nowadays. However, each technology has its own pros and cons. Therefore, in each separate case, one has to choose the option which is the most optimally suitable for business needs.

We choose a certain solution depending on the goals set not just to meet your expectations but to exceed them.


Dot Net
This is a fairly widespread platform actively used to develop corporate software solutions. We provide our extensive expertise in the product development on this platform, and we offer a full range of .NET development services which allow developing high-performance interactive applications of any complexity.

Based on Microsoft.NET, we can successfully implement projects in all major development areas – Web, Desktop, Mobile, and Enterprise applications.

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Java Platform
This technology is most often used to develop enterprise solutions, including corporate portals, document management automation tools, project management and banking. Applications based on Java are versatile and user-friendly, and therefore, they are constantly in great demand.

Multiple Java functionalities, like cross-platform capabilities and built-in security features, allow using this platform to develop efficient business solutions.

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Xamarin is the technology for cross-platform application development which allows creating products simultaneously for two major mobile operating systems – iOS and Android. When the operating system is changed, the operative logic remains the same. Furthermore, the code and design elements for one platform are utilized when working with the other one, saving time and a budget.

Most of the code for both platforms remains common, speeding up development and simplifying further technical support which is important for business. We offer mobile applications development based on Xamarin technology and our team has many years of rewarding experience in this field.

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React JS

React JS
As of today, this is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, actively supported by Facebook and a wide community of independent developers. The technology has a number of important advantages like scalability, high performance and operating speed which allow quick implementation of projects varying in a complexity level.

The number of large projects developed based on React.JS is dynamically growing, and we expect this technology to become more and more popular in the future because it is convenient for both developers and clients.

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Apple iOS
This is a closed operating system used exclusively for Apple mobile devices. Low device fragmentation that guaranties high applications stability, user’s high paying capacity, as well as high security level of the devices, are the main advantages of iOS applications development.

Tight integration between various types of devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac is a fundamental feature, called Continuity, peculiar to the Apple ecosystem, which provides ample opportunities to ensure a seamless experience for the end user.

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Android OS
According to the recent data, it is an open mobile platform which is installed and used in 80% of all mobile devices across the globe. A great number of users is the main advantage of using this operating system as an application development platform since Android is installed not only on smartphones and tablets but also on TVs, media gadgets, and many other devices.

Google engineers have currently fixed a lot of issues in the Android operating system and have developed a single Material Design concept which allows successful utilization of the platform for the development of a variety of products for business.

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If you still have doubts about which technology is the most suitable for your project development, we are always ready to carry out a detailed analysis and find the best solution for you. In any case, you can be certain we will do a high-quality work in a timely manner and within the specified budget.

Our team is always ready to help you take full advantage of the modern technology potential in order to challenge your business goals.

Want to start a project? It’s simple. Contact us to discuss the details and we’ll tell you how we can help you.