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iOS Application Development

We offer you full-fledged project support, from the development specification settings to the finished product release, as well as future product support

The company Lvivity specializes in creating high-quality applications for iOS devices, focused on the individual needs of a particular business and end-users. Of course, a preference towards the development of iOS applications could be due to the impressive sales dynamics of Apple devices and the high incomes the owners of these devices generally have. It’s important for Lvivity that the output of our work provides a direct benefit to our customers, such as reduced costs, stimulated profit growth, optimized business processes and attracting new customers.

We offer you full-fledged project support, from the development specification settings to the finished product release, as well as future product support. Custom iOS Develoment


Behind every successful application is positioned a superior design and usability, high-quality development, and a competent marketing strategy. In this regard, Lvivity has much that we would be pleased to offer you.

  • Custom App Development Our team will develop a high-quality product for you, tailored to your individual requirements. We have experience in creating excellent iOS-apps in finance, medicine, training, entertainment, and other niches.
  • QA & Testing Continuous testing and improvement will allow for the creation of applications that will be characterized by high performance and satisfying a user’s growing expectations.
  • App Store Deployment Our experts are ready to take charge of publishing a ready-made application in the App Store, including descriptions and screenshot development, catalog placement and more.
  • Maintenance & Support In addition to development services, we offer attractive service terms and iOS applications support, which will keep it up-to-date and simplify the introduction of new features.


Today, a large number of companies not only want to be fully present on the Internet but also want to be continuously present in the lives of their customers. The mobile application is excellent for such purposes.

  1. More Security. iOS devices are characterized by a high-security level, which is one of the key advantages of this platform. This is a very important element for a business that chooses iOS when developing corporate applications.
  2. Simplicity and Usability. Although the customization options for an iOS-based application are lower compared to an Android-based, which works more smoothly, have a better-developed user interface, and the system itself is less fragmented.
  3. High-quality Standards. Apple allows only those applications that meet the company’s quality standards into the App Store. In turn, this provides a confidence level of user satisfaction, which has a positive effect on the business result.
  4. A Wealthy Audience. It’s recognized that the iPhone and iPad are quite expensive devices but there is a lot more to it than just that. iOS users are willing to pay for good applications. This is confirmed by industry statistics. This creates good prospects for companies and independent developers.

Lvivity is a reliable technology partner, focused on building long-term relationships with customers. We are responsible for the fulfillment of the entrusted tasks and will do our utmost to ensure your cooperation with us will be pleasant, effective, and mutually beneficial.


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