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Fintech Solutions

This is a new branch of modern, high technology applied in the financial market

The modern economic system is based on the financial sector. It ensures the smooth functioning of various sectors of the economy through collecting funds, simplifying turnover, transaction support, and so on. The emergence of high-tech services transforming cash flows is called “fintech.” This is a new branch of modern, high technology applied in the financial market.

We help those working in these field enterprises create innovative solutions that meet the growing expectations of customers and take full advantage of new technologies for business development. Fintech Software Development


With long-term experience in developing solutions for companies and startups in the fintech sector, our specialists use the latest technologies and proven project management practices to provide the optimal solution for achieving your business objectives. We have extensive experience in areas of Fintech, such as:

  • Big data managment solutions;
  • Transaction management systems;
  • Mobile banking solutions;
  • Trading and currency exchange platforms;
  • P2P-crediting and crowd-funding;
  • CRM/ERP solutions and third-party integration;
  • Blockchain-based solutions;
  • Financial statistics and user reports;
  • Complex system deployment, and its integration into the enterprise operation.

Also, we help our clients migrate from older platforms to more modern ones with minimal risks. Cooperation with Lvivity guarantees that your product will function exactly as you’ve imagined. Security, quality code, performance, apps support, scalability, and simplicity are our key priorities. 

Why choose us

  • Full product development cycle. We are ready to take on the full range of tasks required on the project: starting from the discovery phase and work planning and finishing with the ready product release and maintenance.
  • Cross-Industry Experience. Our experience in different industries, collaboration with different types of companies, and knowledge of a wide range of technologies allow us to create scalable high-quality products that can effectively solve any of your business problems.
  • Dedicated In-House team. Our experienced team of qualified coders, designers, and project managers, who work to make sure all the projects are implemented according to all requirements, is at our customers’ service.
  • Best quality/cost ratio. Coordinated work mechanisms, our team’s high professionalism, and affordable cost of work allow us to provide our customers with the best quality/cost ratio when working on the project.
  • Outcome-oriented. We focus on making your business successful in the long run, and that is why we work to create flexible digital products and not just develop raw features.
  • Flexible cooperation model. Depending on project needs and customers’ financial standing, we can adapt our workflows and offer the best cooperation model to our customers.


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