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MVP Development for Startups

The possibility to quickly and inexpensively test your business idea among the target audience and demonstrate the product potential to investors.

You have an original idea that can blow up the market? The only right way to find out if it’s really good is to show the ready solution to the target audience ASAP. MVP development services the best way to confirm the idea’s relevance at the lowest cost by issuing a product with basic functionality. 

We create systems with the initially built-in scaling potential, so that you can get feedback from users with minimal investment, and soon after your assumptions are confirmed, engage in further development of the project. It may become a perfect solution for tech startups and small businesses, used as the start of a successful software product.
MVP creation

You need three things to create a successful startup: to start with good people, to make something customers actually want, and to spend as little money as possible.

Paul Graham, Y Combinator


  • Product testing with minimal investment
  • Concentration on one or more important functions
  • Getting feedback from real users
  • Rapid iterative development
  • Reduced development time
  • Minimizing the risk of spending money on the false direction
  • Affordable possibility to show the product in the work to the investor.

The main advantage of creating MVP for startups and enterprises is the ability to quickly determine which of your hypotheses are wrong through feedback from real users. This is an opportunity to turn speed, not money, into a competition tool.


An effective process of building a minimum viable product includes several important stages

1. Your project idea

Share your ideas with us, and we will tell you what technologies are the best to be used to implement it, and what resources will be needed for this.

2. Business analysis

We will carefully analyze your business and target audience needs, as well as the target market features and gather other information that is necessary for the project’s successful implementation.

3. Defining core features

This is an important stage in the MVP development, as it is necessary to decide which functions are the most important and are needed in the beginning, and which ones will be postponed for the future.

4. UI/UX Design

We will develop and demonstrate to you a prototype, and upon its approval, designers will get to creating a based on it user interface.

5. MVP Development

At this stage is carried out the MVP development. We use flexible development methodologies and offer a technological stack that best suits your product’s needs.

6. Product Delivery

Having checked the product quality, its stability and resistance, we will deliver the finished MVP to you so that you can start testing your ideas in practice.


Lvivity aims to clearly define the client’s needs, starting from analysis of the idea itself (discovery phase), and to identify the optimal implementation options in order to provide you with a solution that will work as you expected at the end of the process.

  • Full-cycle product development (from MVP to release)
  • Quality-driven delivery model
  • Technology advising for startups
  • Information security
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Flexibility Development
  • Excellent quality-price ratio
  • Cooperation transparency

We work out various scenarios of how the product will be used and focus on the code quality and project architecture. This helps to achieve results for your business you can be proud of.


Startups should manage available resources to the maximum, so creating personal team of developers within the company is too expensive. A good solution is MVP development outsourcing, which allows you to attract talented specialists to work on the project at affordable prices.

We are ready to become a reliable technology partner for you, to whom can be entrusted the solution of complex and non-standard tasks being confident in the quality of work!


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