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Hotel Property Management Systems: Benefits and Key Features

What is Hotel Property Management System

High competition in the hospitality industry makes hotel and other respective establishment owners look for solutions helping to achieve more efficient process management and automation. To pursue these objectives, many companies utilize dedicated software — Property Management Systems.

Below, in this article, we will consider the benefits of using this kind of software and the main functions that such systems should have. The review will help you make the right choice in case you are looking for a ready-made product or correctly draw up consistent technical requirements if you are planning custom development.

Definition and Purpose of Hotel Property Management Systems

Hotel management systems or HMS are a part of a specific software class called PMS — Property Management Systems. They are comprehensive hotel (room stock) management systems aimed at automating internal business processes and increasing business efficiency.

Besides, a property management system can automatically calculate various indicators like “hotel occupancy rates for a certain period” or “average room occupancy rates.”

Consequently, costs are reduced, employee and management work efficiency increases, hotel occupancy planning becomes simpler, and pricing policies are easier to establish. All these factors significantly and integrally increase business profitability.

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Property management software can also be used in other business areas to control different real property, for example, office space, daily rent apartments, etc.

Purpose of Hotel Property Management Systems

Benefits Delivered by Hotel Property Management Solutions

A modern property management system used for hotel management provides several important business benefits as follows:

  • Flexible room management
  • The possibility to analyze customer preferences and booking history
  • The possibility to receive all information in one spot
  • Routine operation automation and human error reduction
  • Alterations history and all actions logging (nothing is lost)
  • Full control over operations at any time and from any device
  • The possibility to automate event notifications
  • Informative reporting generation.

Moreover, the most obvious point is that time and money is saved due to all of the benefits recollected above.

8 Major Functions of a Property Management System

Hotel Property Management System features

  1. Booking and room management. It is the main function performed by a property management system in hotels and the most important one for hotel administrators. They should see the whole picture of reservations and room occupancy and have the possibility to efficiently manage the guest accommodation process.
  2. Service management. This function allows planning and organizing service routines for each of the rooms and the entire facility. It assists in keeping track of work performed, preparing reports, as well as monitoring maintenance requests and updating their statuses.
  3. Setting prices. Offering the correct accommodation rates to guests, you can have higher returns. For instance, you can change your rates depending on the days of the week, seasons, holiday periods, meals, and other accommodation conditions. Special rates will also help you avoid unoccupied rooms during the low season.
  4. Customer data. A proper hotel management system should provide a possibility to collect and organize guest contact information. This kind of database helps hotel businesses develop marketing strategies and customer loyalty programs for more personalized guest services.
  5. Automatic customer notifications. The feature allows accommodation managers to configure various messages sent to customers via e-mail or messengers. They could be notifications on booking confirmations, arrival dates, pre-booking, subsequent payments, etc. The template is configured once, and the system automatically sends out appropriate notifications to customers.
  6. Reports and analytics. Apart from the booking and guest accommodation process, you should also have a possibility to get analytics to compare current hotel occupancy with the same data for the previous year, track the demand for specific rooms, and receive other useful data of the kind. This feature of any PMS is among the key ones.
  7. Intuitive dashboard. One of the important functions provided by a property management system is an informative and comprehensible property management dashboard. It allows for quick access to the most important data necessary for daily routine tasks and their fast and easy completion. This kind of data should be at hand after logging into the system and should be updated in real-time.
  8. Remote access to the system. A modern hotel PMS system should be accessible from any location and from any device (PC, smartphone, or tablet) connected to the web. This means that it should be based on cloud technologies. Without web technologies, any such system could be called obsolete.

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How to Choose the Right PMS for Your Hotel

How To Choose Property Management System for Hotel

Most property management systems available on the market feature similar basic functionality. However, the range of available capabilities may differ significantly depending on the solution chosen. We cannot call any specific product optimal since you have to choose it based on your company’s particular needs and hotel peculiarities.

You have to make your choice based on the following criteria:

  • facility room stock (number of real property objects)
  • business operational needs
  • required functions
  • affordable budget
  • high security level.

You have to comprehend that property management software is a tool for daily use on which your business efficiency depends. Therefore, you should take your choice decision responsibly.

If you want to develop a property management system from scratch with your business-specific needs taken into account, we can become a reliable technology partner for you to help you implement this kind of project. Write to us and let us discuss the details!

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