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Project Management

Articles that help you how to manage all aspects of the software development process, how effectively work with offshore IT outsourcing agencies, and how to manage a dedicated team. These tips and tricks could help you implement a new product in existing business processes.

Petro Kovalchuk

6 Business Problems That Mobile App Development Can Solve

Every business strives to optimize its processes and reach its objectives in a more efficient, faster, and cheaper manner. Having achieved these goals, a company gains advantages over its competitors…

Lvivity Team

7 Important Things We Learned in 7 Years in Custom Software Development

For 7 years in custom software development, we at Lvivity have built solutions to solve the widest variety of problems and worked with different customers. We have had our ups…

Petro Kovalchuk

How to Hire Offshore Software Development Team in Ukraine

One of the most important challenges that customers face while developing IT products is to find and hire software developers. Moreover, the project’s success largely depends on how well they…

Volodymyr Fedorychak

14 Useful Tools That Every Startup Founder Should Need

Any entrepreneur knows how valuable the correct tools can be for a business. They are relevant for any company in any market, helping businessmen save time, automate routine tasks, and…

Lvivity Team

Healthcare Data Management: Benefits and Challenges

Healthcare data collection and management are now more important than ever, as, besides traditional personal advice, services like telemedicine, remote health monitoring, and other medical areas based on modern technologies…

Petro Kovalchuk

6 Benefits of Custom Software Development for Business

Digital transformation keeps penetrating all areas of our lives. This direction is crucial for business because investments in new technologies have always been among the ways to develop it, improve…

Lvivity Team

Why Mobile App Development Is So Expensive

The cost of mobile app development starts from several thousand dollars, and the budgets of some projects may exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars. This sum may be insignificant for…

Petro Kovalchuk

How to Effectively Manage Offshore Development Team: Best Practices and Useful Tips

The world is changing, and an IT outsourcing model is becoming more and more popular. It is not very hard to find developers. However, the business of efficient remote team…

Lvivity Team

How Big Data Is Transforming Businesses in Different Industries

Big data utilization is no longer the prerogative of large corporations. Any company that collects and analyzes large amounts of data of various types can make the best out of…