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How to Write a Good Brief for a Mobile App Development Project

Mobile App Requirements Document

Creating a brief for mobile app development pursues one important objective: to receive the exact product you need. To do their job properly, the developers have to know some details about your business and your vision for the future product, even if they are experts in their area.

A large number of conflicts between the customer and the developer happen because there are no documents defining the details of what needs to be done. An elaborately written brief describing the requirements eliminates ambiguity, provides an idea of ​​the work scope and complexity, and makes it easier to assess the time required for project implementation. Besides, further on in the article, we will share a link to a ready mobile app requirements document template, and you can use it in your project.

Let us look at the main points, the answers to which should be included in the mobile app development brief.

1. Contact details

Provide your name, email, messenger, and company website.

2. What goals and objectives will your mobile app solve?

What do you want to achieve with the mobile app? The more informative the product development brief is, the easier it will be for developers to assess the scope of work and the project implementation cost.

3. Who is the product’s target audience?

Describe your target customers briefly, including their needs and interests.

4. What is the main function that the app will feature?

Specify if you need geolocation, push notifications, and other expected capabilities. If necessary, specify app requirements that are essential for your goals, and note which features are less important.

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5. What is your project completion stage?

Is it an idea, ready software requirements specifications, a prototype, already under development, or a ready product on another platform?

6. Provide examples of similar mobile apps (counterparts/competitors).

Provide a list of apps which are similar to what you envision (specify links, titles, and what exactly you like about them). If possible, add links to App Store/Google Play or a website.

You can also specify the reasons why you included the apps on the list.

7. Which platforms and devices do you plan to develop your app for?

Types of mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, or all devices.

8. Do you plan to integrate your app with third-party services?

Specify in mobile app requirements document your need to integrate any existing services into your product, like payment systems.

9. How should the data be updated in your mobile app?

10. What is the interface design?

Do you have a layout, a prototype, or a finished design? Perhaps, you need to develop the design from scratch? How many screens do you plan to have? Write about that in technical brief.

Mobile App Wireframe

11. Who will provide technical support for your product?

After the product release, the work on it is not yet finished. Support and updates are an important part of any IT product lifecycle. If it is not a small and ad-hoc project we are talking about, the brief for software development should definitely include this point.

12. Who will do the backend work for the mobile app? 

13. Is it necessary to develop a server side or an app management system?

14. Do you plan for your app to interact with a website/database?

In case the app supports data storing, processing, or exchange, this point will likely be relevant and should be included in the mobile app requirements document.

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Our team is ready to implement your ideas. Contact us now to discuss your roadmap!

Process Product Requirements Document

15. What is your project budget? 

If the development budget is limited, and it is difficult for customers to estimate the project implementation cost even approximately, they can directly specify the budget limits in their mobile app brief.

16. How much time do you plan to allow for development?

This question is relevant if you require setting the project release deadline. You can also specify an estimated development schedule.

In the list provided above, you can see the main points, which are universally applicable for any project. You can download the mobile app brief template with the extended list of points by clicking on this link.

Let us summarize

A brief for a mobile app development project is a simple document describing your vision and acting as a road map and guide for the development team. It shows the work direction and sets specific goals you want to achieve together with the developers.

A good brief for app development increases the probability of creating the product that the particular customer expects. Most likely, you already have a large part of the data necessary for the brief. All you have to do is arrange the form of the document.

Go through the list of points in this article and determine what data you already have and what else you need to add. Moreover, if you are looking for a reliable technology partner for mobile development, feel free to contact us.

The Lvivity team will be able to provide you with quality results within the timescale stipulated.

February 12, 2019

Flexibility, efficiency, and individual approach to each customer are the basic principles we are guided by in our work.

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