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6 Business Problems That Mobile App Development Can Solve

App Development for Business

Every business strives to optimize its processes and reach its objectives in a more efficient, faster, and cheaper manner. Having achieved these goals, a company gains advantages over its competitors and receives resources for further development.

Businesses resort to a variety of tools to reach their objectives, including websites, CRM/ERP systems, cloud services, and mobile apps. However, applications are still less commonly used when compared to others, even though they are the most efficient resource for achieving some tasks.

The main reason for this is that business owners do not clearly comprehend which problems they can solve efficiently by using mobile app development. In this article, we have decided to consider this issue in more detail.

Valuable Data Collection and Processing

Collecting data
Documentation, accounting, photographs, and inspection results — the amount of data generated by a company in the process of its operation can be great, depending on the type of business. Moreover, if all of these operations are handled manually in an offline mode, data collection and processing may require plenty of time and resources.

A mobile app, developed to attend to these needs, will combine several steps into a single process to significantly speed them up, as well as automate the transfer and storage of the data received. If necessary, it is also possible to have the app work in an offline mode and synchronize the results with the database after being connected to the Internet.

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Data on Demand

Data on Demand
Another problem that businesses often face is the lack of required data at hand when it is needed. This is especially true when it comes to an accounting report done manually. In this case, data acquisition may take a lot of time.

Installed on a smartphone, a mobile app can generate an accounting report in automatic or semi-automatic mode and instantly provide access to relevant data, successfully solving the problem.

Launch New Products and Services on the Market

Launch New Products
Mobile app development allows for the creation of services that could not exist without information technology. This feature helps businesses stand out in their sector and gain a competitive advantage.

For example, by using a mobile app, airline customers can check-in for a flight and register their luggage while standing in the queue. Using a smartphone, insurance companies’ customers can issue comprehensive insurance policies on their own.

Employee Work Supervision and Operational Monitoring of Processes

Business processes monitoring
Tracking such data in real time improves the quality of human and material resource management. This problem is jokingly called “Where is Bob?” as the management of companies, often employing lots of people, knows nothing about a particular employee’s current work.

For example, a transportation business gets the opportunity to monitor the route of a particular driver employed, check the number of stops they complete, receive data on vehicle speed, and track other indicators.

Internal Corporate Tool

Internal CRM
There are various messengers, CRM, calculators, and many more management tools for internal corporate purposes. Companies underestimate the benefits of such solutions for no reason. Automating processes can save money, increase the efficiency of separate departments, and even of improve the entire company.

An app developed for a company that provides goods delivery courier services works based on this principle. It automates delivery order management, accounting, communication with senders and recipients, as well as partially automates order payments and reciprocal payments with couriers.

Information Distribution and Customer Support

Customer support application
With a tool like this, people can get help easier and faster. This increases customer loyalty. This app will be useful for companies that must regularly communicate with customers, answer their questions, and solve their problems.

Having carefully analyzed customer needs and their requests for technical support, it is possible to create a convenient app to automate a large part of the tasks in this direction. It will automatically accept applications, provide answers to frequently asked questions, and enable additional options and services.

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Why B2B Apps Cannot Be Cheap

Most apps developed for the corporate sector are almost always complete solutions that include a web portal for back-office employees, a complex of integrations, a backend, and the mobile application itself. A company can create both versions for iOS and Android or use only one OS, providing its employees with corporate devices.

Developers have to solve issues with data processing, administration and user rights separation, server configuration, integration with customer internal corporate systems, and external APIs, as well as synchronization with mobile devices.

Depending on the complexity, a fairly large team may work on the project: an architect, business analyst, designer, programmers, layout designers, QA specialists, project manager, front-end and back-end developers, engineers, etc.

Obviously, all projects are individual based. Therefore, every project starts with measures taken to build up a concept of a future solution and to prepare a detailed labor input assessment. This way the cost of the solution is formed.

Have you ever thought about developing a mobile app? What do you want to achieve by using it, and what functions do you want to implement? If you have ideas, questions, or are looking for a technology partner who could help you implement your project, contact us and let’s discuss the details.

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