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How We Developed HRM Software for Our Company (case study)

Development Workflow
Human resource management software

The company’s human resource management is among the most essential aspects of business functioning. Business success largely depends on it, especially in the longer term. To manage human resources, you can resort to both manual methods and dedicated licensed software solutions.

At Lvivity, we had decided to develop such a solution from scratch since out-of-the-box HRM systems available on the market did not fit our environment for one reason or another. Check the list of their predominant shortcomings:

  • high usage cost since you have to pay monthly to maintain a separate account for each of your employees;
  • overloaded functionality with multipleunnecessary features;
  • obsolete technology base, clumsy UX, and other issues.

That is why we built our own system to fully meet our needs with nothing in excess.

Basic Features as an MVP: Things We Have Already Implemented

Our company’s employee profile became a basis, using which we built up functions expanding its capabilities and allowing our top management staff to control it conveniently.

The user’s profile includes fields for basic information about any employee (contacts, specialization, available days off, and sick leave days):

Our HR manager enters the data when creating a profile. Later on, the employee can personally edit the data. The manager and the employee can see essential data about their teammates from the company’s staff.

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To reduce the administrative burden and automate manual work, we transferred requests for days off, vacations, and other activities to the HRM system. Everything is quick, simple, and in one window.

At the same place, users can see information on various events, both the ones concerning the entire company and some personal data, like the upcoming employees’ birthdays.

The next stage implemented the possibility of logging our developers’ working hours in the same system to avoid using third-party solutions. The manager sees all this data and uses it, for example, to calculate salary payments.

Accordingly, we implemented user roles with different access levels. Each person has the possibilities that correspond to their position in the company.

The system is installed on our server and is available at an Internet address like (as an example) on the company’s primary domain. Consequently, we have complete control over the tool.

Plans for the Future

The article above lists the main strengths of the HRM system we have already implemented. We are still planning to develop many other valuable features in the future:

  1. Employee onboarding and offboarding. The feature helps to manage the process of getting new hires up to speed and terminating employees when necessary.
  2. Performance management and appraisal. This trait enables tracking employee performance and providing feedback through regular appraisals.
  3. Payroll and benefits administration. The feature automates payroll processing and benefits management, reducing errors and improving efficiency.
  4. Employee engagement and satisfaction surveys. It measures employee satisfaction and engagement to identify areas for improvement and increase retention rates.
  5. HR analytics and reporting. The feature provides HR management with valuable data and insights to make informed decisions.
  6. Workforce planning and forecasting. The trait helps the HR division anticipate future hiring needs and develop workforce strategies to support the company’s goals.

The list is quite long. We must ensure every feature is implemented in the best way possible. Consequently, the process will take time. However, having a clear road map, we are sure we will manage to put everything into practice.


We could have used an off-the-shelf solution as an HRM system, pay for licenses, and avoid spending time on development. However, a customized software solution developed with the needs of a specific company in mind will pay off in the long run, even though more considerable investments are necessary. We have come up with a solution adapted to our needs, featuring all essential functionality and nothing in excess.

For many years running, we have been creating advanced technology solutions considering the capabilities and needs of companies operating in various industries.

If you are interested in custom HRM software development or have other product ideas to assist you in taking your business to the next level, contact us, and let us delve into the details!

May 25, 2023

Flexibility, efficiency, and individual approach to each customer are the basic principles we are guided by in our work.

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