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How to Develop a Restaurant Mobile App: 9 Must Have Features

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Restaurant Mobile App Development

The number of restaurants and cafes developing mobile apps is on the rise. Technology enables restaurants to expand their customer base, increase sales, generate repeat orders, and solve other important business problems.

However, many entrepreneurs either doubt whether they really need a mobile app, or simply do not understand what kind of app they need. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the advantages of having a mobile app for the restaurant business, and the features it requires.

How Does A Restaurant Mobile App Drive Your Food Business?

Mobile technologies can be successfully deployed in the restaurant business, providing owners with many advantages, including:

  • Restaurant attendance growth. Users can be informed about various events, discounts, and other activities aimed at attracting visitors.
  • Quick order processing.  A client receives a quick and easy tool to order and pay, without having to wait on the phone and talk to a representative.
  • Higher customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is increased by the ability to give feedback, make remote bookings and pre-order from the menu, and engage in promotions and other campaigns.
  • Collecting statistics about customers.  A history of customer visits and orders allows you to create personalized offers which clients will not be able to resist.
  • Encouraging reviews.  After a client visits your restaurant, you can send them a push notification with a request to provide feedback.

Thus, the development of a mobile app is a truly modern approach to acquiring and retaining a target audience for your restaurant business.

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9 Useful Features of The Mobile Application for a Restaurant Business

Different people will need different capabilities, but a few features will be relevant to most customers of restaurants and cafes.

1. Contacts. A must-have item for any consumer application. This will enable the customer to quickly build a map route to your venue, or call you with a click of a button or other communication option.

2. Photo Gallery. Here you can describe the concept of your restaurant, its advantages and features, as well as showcase photos of the interior and the prepared dishes.

3. Menu. People often turn to the menu to study offers and prices before visiting any outside eating outlet. The benefit for owners is that it will take a minimum of time to make changes to such a menu.

4. Reservation option. The function of table booking in restaurants helps customers choose a convenient day and time of visit, without going into trouble of calling the outlet.

5. Pre-order of dishes. Time is a valuable resource, and the ability to pre-order dishes from the menu will help save precious time. In this way, the client can save waiting time when at venue.

Tako Bell restaurant application
[Taco Bell app]

6. Home delivery. A good opportunity to expand the customer base at the expense of people who do not have time to visit the outlet, but would like to make an order from you.

7. Loyalty program. This is the main tool for retaining customers, and generating repeat sales. A loyalty program can involve visit rewards, club cards, family discounts, or a free cup of coffee after every third visit. Carrying loyalty cards is inconvenient, but a mobile app is always at hand.

8. Purchase history. This is a useful option for regular customers who may want to repeat orders they made earlier: they will not have to find the item on the menu every time they visit.

9. Push notifications. These messages appear on the phone screen of the app user, and can be sent periodically to remind customers of offerings, promotions, special events, or updated menus.

A properly configured mobile app, coupled with good usability, will enable restaurants to increase profit by attracting new customers, and retaining existing customers.

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How much does a mobile app cost?

To get an exact price and offer you the best solution, we need to analyze your needs and goals, and also understand what task you are trying to achieve.

Food Delivery
We recommend reading our article “How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App in 2018”, which explains the price formation of mobile app development. You can also write to us through the contact form in order to clarify any details.


In this article, we have outlined the core functionality that can be implemented in a mobile app for a restaurant, with a view to using the app to interact with customers. You can use these recommendations to develop your own product to meet the requirements of your restaurant business.

If you are planning to create a mobile app for a restaurant or cafe, you can contact us to discuss the specifics of the product, and find out how much it might cost to develop. We will be happy to become a reliable technology partner for you!

November 01, 2018

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