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How to Develop a Loyalty Program Mobile App for Business

Development Workflow
How to Make Loyalty Program App

Attracting new customers and retaining existing ones are important aspects of any business activity. A loyalty program mobile app can become a good tool for achieving these objectives.

Why? Below, you will find some of the benefits a company can get from developing a loyalty program app:

  • Permanent and direct contact with the target audience.
  • Quick implementation of marketing ideas.
  • A possibility to conduct marketing experiments and track results in a real-time environment.
  • A possibility to increase customer loyalty and retention rates.

A loyalty program is way more than just discounts and bonuses. For instance, car dealers sell cars to their customers. Later on, once every few months, they can offer some kind of service at a discount (or for free), remind of an oil change, inform of scheduled maintenance, etc. This way, businesses create a stable relationship with their customers and stimulate repeat sales.

If you have planned to develop a loyalty program mobile app for your business, let us figure out what functions such a product should have.

Important Features Any Loyalty Program Mobile App Should Have

1. Authorization and onboarding. A system login procedure should be as simple as possible. However, users should have several authorization options:

  • Login and e-mail.
  • Accounts in social networks.
  • Loyalty card personal number.

Another important aspect is to quickly explain to users how to operate your app. Read more about it in our article “Mobile App Onboarding: 9 Best Practices with Examples.

Login UI for Mobile App

[by Sumesh Verma, Dribble]

2. User profile. In this section, users can enter and edit personal data (names, photos, and contacts). Besides, it may include information about active bonus points, their accrual and write-off history, and other useful data.

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3. Push notifications. It is a useful marketing tool allowing you to instantly inform your customers about various offers and events. You can also personalize push notifications and send them only to predetermined categories of users if necessary. Read more about it in this article.

4. Newsfeed. As it is with social networks or media, the loyalty program app may generate the feed featuring your company’s latest news, current discounts, available promotional offers, and other information updated on a real-time basis.

5. Referral program. It is a system when you reward your customers for bringing their friends and acquaintances to your company as new customers. It may become an efficient way to grow your customer base.

Referral Program in Loyalty Application

[by Lorna Qin, Dribble]

6. Feedback. That can be a customer support service chat, using which your customers can communicate with company employees directly.

7. Geolocation and maps. Businesses with offline locations can use geolocation and maps to send notifications and special offers to customers when they are nearby.

Geolocation in Loyalty Mobile App

[by Village Access, Dribble]

8. Analytics. Connecting mobile analytics services allows you to comprehend how people use your app, study user behavior, and know better how efficient your loyalty system is.

The cost of loyalty program mobile app development depends on the set of features that customers want to implement, the development team hourly rates, and several other factors. To get a more precise figure, you can write to us, and we will be able to make an accurate estimate based on the information provided by you.

Summering Up

Unlike classic plastic cards, a mobile app is always in your customer’s smartphone. If people have deleted an app or replaced their device, they can always reinstall the app, renew their profiles, restore bonus points and usage history automatically.

By developing such a product, a company gets a simple easy-to-use, inexpensive to maintain, and easy-to-scale tool for interacting with its users. What is most important, you can collect valuable customer data unobtainable from other sources.

If you want to be confident in your future product’s quality, you can resort to our company’s services and order loyalty program mobile app development relevant to your business needs.

Contact us, and let us discuss the details.

July 08, 2021

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