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Read our latest insights about web application development, website design, product strategy, and more. Valuable advices you’ll need for your web application success going forward.

Lvivity Team

What Is a Progressive Web App? Pros & Cons of PWA

Several years ago, Google introduced a new technology to the world – progressive web apps (PWAs). Very few people took them seriously then, as the market always needs time to…

Serhii Laba

10 Most Common Web Application Security Vulnerabilities and Threats

People are currently so used to getting almost any service or information about it online that it is difficult to imagine a modern company having no web application. Due to…

Lvivity Team

Top 8 Web Development Frameworks for 2022

A large number of web development frameworks are currently available, and this diverse inventory sometimes confuses even the most experienced developers. Your future website and the way it works and…

Lvivity Team

6 Common Web Development Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Nowadays, any business has to be present on the Internet more than ever, and that makes the web development service highly-demanded. However, most customers still completely misinterpret this area. Admit…

Serhii Laba

Web Application Security: 9 Best Practices You Need to Know

Web application security has been relevant since the very moment that apps appeared. However, in recent years, it has become especially relevant due to the boost in the popularity of web…

Lvivity Team

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Web App, and What Does the Price Depend on?

Any potential client who comes to us with a project wants to know the answers to these questions. Trying to give both an exact and universal answer is the same…