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18 Promising Business Ideas for Startups

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Top Startup Ideas

Like any other business, startups begin with an idea. The future results depend on how successful, timely, and well-implemented this idea is.

Startups differ from classic businesses by having a quick start, which is the essence of work on a startup: we find a problem, figure out how to solve it, and sell the solution to interested people. It is important to understand that this problem to solve should be of concern to the solving parties. Moreover, these parties should be rather large.

In this article, we have selected promising startup ideas you should use. Some of them may provide substantial motivation to start your new business.

1. Virtual Interior Designer

Due to augmented reality technology, we can easily see how certain objects will look in the room interior, taking them from the virtual catalog and “trying them on”. The catalog may include various pieces of furniture, curtains, wall stickers, and so on.

If the users wanted, they could purchase a favorite object from the catalog or get a list of stores where they could purchase it.

2. User Product Testing

The point here is to develop a service which would offer the possibility of testing a website or a customer’s app with real people. They could view its main pages, check how convenient it is to fill out its forms or place orders, and test other important points.

As an additional option, the service could provide the possibility of forming a test group of users based on certain demographic and other characteristics.

3. Office Space Renting Service

This is not about co-working and renting an entire office or a small room. What we talk about is the opportunity to rent a workplace for one person only. There are many people who work with customers or companies remotely, and they would eagerly pay rent for several square meters meant exclusively for their own needs in someone else’s office.

Office Rental

4. AR Content Creation Agency

Augmented reality technology is one of the most promising areas in the nearest future. However, the most important support for the AR products dynamic development is the dedicated content which is currently very expensive to develop.

Offer that kind of content at relatively affordable prices and you can rest assured to receive a sufficient number of orders from businesses operating in a wide variety of niches.

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5. Subscription to Healthy Food

Food delivery services are currently abundant. However, it is not easy to find the very services which would specialize exclusively on healthy food delivery. Consequently, you can ride the coattails of proper nutrition popularity and launch a startup in this niche.

6. Personalized Fairy Tales for Children

Many people are interested not only in promising start-ups but in the business which can be launched avoiding serious cash investments, at least at the beginning. To launch this business idea, you will need nothing but imagination, collaboration with some illustrator, and a publishing company.

Fairy Tales for Kids

Personalized fairy tales can be created on the parents’ order to cover particular topics, filled with personal information and main characters such as kids themselves, their relatives, close friends, and pets.

7. Online Coaching and Consulting

This segment still has free niches, if not at the whole world level then at least within a specific country. Take online legal advice and services as an example. Otherwise, think of the hourly paid services provided by specialists in Internet marketing, etc.

You can also think of translation services: it looks as if this niche has long been taken. However, things are like this only with popular language pairs, and it is quite difficult for a potential customer to find professionals for some exotic translation directions.

8. Niche Marketplace

Online marketplace platforms bring together customers and product providers of different services and products. It makes no sense to try creating another Craiglist, leave alone Amazon. Nevertheless, you can compete quite successfully even with the giants present on the market if you try to take a bit narrower niche. It can be either a specific category of goods or services or services oriented to a specific region or large city.

9. Photography Equipment Rentals

Professional photo cameras and lenses are expensive and not affordable for everyone who may eventually need such things for a sudden one-time job. Exactly these people may bring you a good income.

Photography Rentals

Similar services are already available on the market. In fact, almost all of them are focused on a specific city. This means that you can always find some city with a sufficiently large potential demand where such services are not yet provided.

10. Delegation of Chores

What makes life easier for a busy person nowadays? First of all, it is being free from household chores: keeping the apartment clean, food delivery, complex cleaning, garden nursing, plumbing and electricity fixing, and other household repairs.

Just think what other similar niches remain unattended. For instance, a dog walking service is among the recent successful startups.

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11. Beneficial Snacks

As the most obvious example, we can mention protein bars and fruit chips, and there are plenty of opportunities to expand the range of services in this niche. Modern consumers are increasingly interested in a healthy alternative to harmful chips and crackers.

In 2019, entrepreneurs will have a vast room for invention and opportunity to create high-quality and beneficial options for a quick snack.

12. Edible Dishware

This nice trend is gaining popularity in the fast food industry. Restaurant and cafe visitors like it when they get not only a beautifully decorated meal for certain money but also edible food packaging. If you choose a creative approach to the business, free Instagram advertising from satisfied customers will be in your bag.

13. Gadgets for the Smallest Ones

In this area, startups offering solutions for parents will become especially promising: the possibility to monitor the baby’s body temperature and health, as well as control the breastfeeding process. As technology has become cheaper now, trendy gadgets have become more accessible for buyers, and therefore, more popular.

14. Live Training App

There are plenty of apps offering tutorials in various directions. However, similar products for the corporate sector are not so abundant and still remain a poorly developed though promising area. Using such apps, companies could remotely train their employees, interns, and even customers.

Training App for Employes

You can make the tutorial statistics available, as well as make the cloud database with previously available tutorials.

15. Online Text Proofreading

Text editing or proofreading is the process of grammatical, syntactic, and stylistic mistakes correction. There is always a demand for such services. Actually, there are more than enough specialized services to proofread English texts. At the same time, the market is actually free in this niche for many other languages. So, it is worth considering this startup idea as a viable option to start a business.

16. Subscription Based Items

This market is steadily growing. Consequently, all you need to succeed in it is to find a product which consumers constantly need. What we mean is that the item should be in constant demand and not just another trend.

Branded clothing and accessories belong to one of the interesting niches of this kind. After all, some clothing is worn quite rarely, and in most cases, it would be an inappropriate purchase. So, renting women ware is really worth considering as a startup idea.

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17. Personalized Beauty Care Products

“Beauty to order” is one of the growing trends. Its popularity will grow in the nearest future. It will offer a range of products starting from individual shampoos or shower gels and finishing with skin care products all with dozens of possible color and fragrance combinations, as well as various base ingredients. The beauty industry is worth billions, and there are still enough business opportunities for startups in this area.

Beauty Box (subscribe)

18. 3D Printing to Order

This thing, that recently seemed to be a futuristic experiment has become a part of our daily life. We do not mean you have to raise funds to get involved in manufacturing your own 3D printers; leave that to the engineers. However, you can focus your activities on the production of different accessories.

You can consider both business and regular users as your customers. Offer a range of corporate brand marks or various consumables; the scope for creativity and sales is really wide in this case.

Let us sum up

To search and creatively develop different startup ideas is a skill which is within your reach. But to do so, you have to develop the habit of seeing opportunities in everything around you.

The most useful startup idea is the one you are passionate about, the one which solves the problem you are concerned with, and which has the potential to scale.

In any case, before you start, you have to test your idea. Therefore, we recommend you start by creating a minimum viable product and introducing it to your target audience. This way, you will get to know the demand for your product among your potential customers and find out whether they are ready to pay for the solution you offer.

If you are looking for a reliable technology partner to implement your idea, feel free to write to us and we will help you bring it to reality!

January 05, 2021

Head of Marketing at Lvivity

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