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30+ Best Mobile App Ideas to Create in 2023

Mobile App Development
Best mobile application ideas

The total number of mobile apps in the App Store and Google Play store continues to grow. Developers’ revenues show a positive trend as well, and we don’t expect any significant changes to this in the coming years.

Coming up with fresh ideas for a mobile app is far from an easy task in a fast-growing and competitive field like this, even if you already have the necessary experience and the budget. However, new ideas are crucial if you want to create a startup, launch a new business or develop an existing one.

/ Quick Stats & Facts /

  • Mobile apps are expected to generate over $935 billion in revenue in 2023. – Statista
  • A typical smartphone user accesses around 9-10 apps daily and 30 apps monthly.
  • In 2022, global consumer spending on mobile apps amounted to 167 billion U.S. dollars, down from 170 billion U.S. dollars in 2021.
  • 85% of time spent on smartphones is spent using apps.
  • There are over 3.6 billion smartphone users worldwide. This number is predicted to grow up to 4.3 billion in 2023. – Statista
  • 92.3% of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone. There are approximately 4.32 billion active mobile internet users. – Exploding Topics
Web-traffic from mobile devices users
Image credit: Exploding Topics

We have collected 30+ great mobile app ideas for you, and they will become more prominent in 2023 and in the nearest future. In our list, you can find both inspiration for your own startup and ideas for pet project apps to enrich your portfolio, or you can use the list just to help people solve their problems. No matter which platform you work with, be it iOS or Android, you will find many creative, useful, and profitable ideas for mobile apps in this article.

1. App for Virtual Interior Design (AR)

AR technologies are already developed enough to use them as a basis for great products created for various areas. For example, you can develop an application allowing you to add a photo of your room and then try “furnishing” it with different interior design elements: change wall colors, experiment with light, add and remove curtains, furniture items, etc.

Virtual Interior Design App

This is a great app idea for a mobile startup that you could monetize by partnering with furniture stores, or repair or design services.

2. Book Reviews and Recommendations

If you like reading books, you will surely see value in this simple app idea. Imagine an app with which you could take a picture of a book that interests you in a store and then instantly read feedback on it or recommendations for similar books. The data can be pulled from Goodreads, Amazon, and other similar platforms.

3. Virtual Jewelry Try-On App

This is another way to use technology based on augmented reality. The user could try on appealing jewelry by uploading their photo in the application, and make a purchase decision based on the visualization.

Virtual Jewelry try-on AR app idea

4. App for Elderly People

Everyone needs additional care and attention as they age, and elderly people are gradually becoming an increasingly large category of app users. Imagine an idea for ​​an app that will make senior lives easier by planning their daily activities, reminding them about medications and utility bills, or simplifying the ordering and delivery of food products for their individual diet.

Want to start a project?

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5. Barter Exchange App

Merchandise exchange is one of the earliest practices, which will never fully lose relevance. You can develop an app in the form of a platform designed to facilitate exchange processes among users who wish to barter various things like clothes, gadgets, tools, toys, etc.

Bartering Mobile Application
Many of us own things that we once bought, but now they lie untouched in our closets and are not used at all. So why not exchange them for something you can actually use now?

6. Interactive Contact List

Almost everyone has profiles on various social networks and several messengers at the same time. Based on this, we can formulate a simple but interesting idea for a mobile application – an interactive contact list that will contain links to every page relevant to a certain person on various social networks, their email address, and messengers.

7. WishList Mobile App

Many online stores feature a dedicated button designed to add merchandise to the Wish List or Favorites. You can rethink this option a little bit, developing a platform that allows users to post photos or a description of goods they need. Then, based on this data, various sellers could offer goods or custom manufacturing services.

WishList mobile app idea
Wish List by Kristy, Dribbble

8. Trip Planner Application

Common tourist trails are of little interest to many people nowadays. At the same time, many travelers who have had fascinating travel experiences will be eager to share them with others. The idea for ​​this mobile app is to create a database featuring travel itineraries, or just walks, that are explained by the users themselves.

Trip Planner app concept

[by Anna Truong]

When the number of available itineraries is large enough, you can offer filters with the following parameters:

  • Walk duration (1-2 hours, 1 day, 2 days, etc.);
  • Objectives (tourism, birthday, romantic evening);
  • Transportation (done on foot, by car, by bus);
  • Budget (up to $50, $50-100, $200-500);
  • And others.

9. Tinder for Board Games

Board games are an old and profitable business, but not many can regularly afford to purchase interesting novelties in this area. This issue can be solved by using a mobile application to help people who already have a specific board game in their possession bring together a group of several participants who would want to try playing it for the first time or just have a good time.

10. How Much Does Your Time Cost?

This is a rather simple mobile app idea, which, at the same time, has huge potential for gaining popularity. The idea is to develop a calculator that shows you the time you have to work to afford a certain object based on your income data.

As additional features, you can integrate the possibilities of switching between currencies, to include tax liabilities, etc.

Salary and Hourly Wage Calculator

11. Niche Marketplace App

Marketplaces are not losing popularity because they are convenient for both sellers and buyers. While there are enough versatile platforms on the market now, new opportunities to build niche projects of this type are constantly emerging. The growing popularity of NFT is an example showing how a neat idea can quickly lead to the emergence of an entirely new market.

If the idea of ​​creating a marketplace mobile app is interesting for you, you can read more on this topic in this article.

Furniture marketplace app concept
Furniture marketplace application by Webclues Infotech

12. Diet Designer

The number of different diets addressing different people’s needs is great. Your newly built mobile app may allow users to choose the most suitable diet and build an optimal diet plan. To monetize your app, you can let users order necessary diet food packages and get the nutritionist’s advice.

Want to start a project?

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13. Health Monitoring App

A special app for health monitoring can help elderly people to track important measurements such as:

–   Blood pressure

–   Heart rate

–   Glucose level in blood and others

If any of the monitored measurements are outside the norm, a person gets the relevant notification about it.

Health tracking mobile application
Health tracking app by Kazi Shimanto

Such a program can target various groups of people, not necessarily only the older generation. An app can gather data with the help of integrations with different wearable devices such as smartwatches or fitness trackers.

14. Christmas Wishlist

This app would be an aggregator of various goods available in different online stores, which the user could add to his Christmas wish list. As an option, it could be a wish list with no reference to any particular holiday.

Holidays WishList
[by Rounded Restangle]

The user’s relatives and friends could look through this list and order the things they like as a Christmas present for the user. Online stores could offer some additional bonuses like gift wrappings or free delivery.

15. Science Experiments App 

Consider the youngest audience too; the ideas of applications for kids are something that will be always popular. For example, mobile apps with descriptions of scientific experiments help people to learn science through practical research.

Such an app can contain interactive experiments with a step-by-step explanation of how it works in the plane of scientific background.

16. Recipes by Ingredients

You can make an app offering you culinary recipes based on a list of products you specify. As an advanced feature, you can add the possibility to set a calorie restriction.

A simple parsing of popular culinary websites could help you integrate thousands of recipes into the application database. Users get a general list and then familiarize themselves with the recipe in more detail on the source website.

Vegetarian app UI example
Vegetarian Recipes app by J.Fong, Dribbble

17. Community App

Each of us has hobbies and interests based on which we can find like-minded people both in our city and in the online space all over the world. Using this data, you can develop an app that would unite users with similar interests into a single community. Use our hint and try to explore popular interest groups on Facebook, and you will surely find many interesting discoveries.

Food Community App

18. Dash Cam App

Nowadays, most phones have 2-3 cameras, and one of them is often a wide-angle one suitable for a dash cam. Add a large touch screen, a large amount of memory, GPS, etc. to these features, and you get a practically perfect device for a purpose like this.

If your app supports cloud storage services, it will allow you to upload your recorded videos to the web to free up space on your smartphone. You can also implement voice control and Google Assistant support into your app to give users the possibility to activate the app by voice command rather than search for the dedicated app icon. We could go on recounting more possible features that would be great for this app.

19. Virtual Landscape Design

Actually, this idea for ​​a mobile app is similar to the augmented reality interior design product mentioned at the beginning of this article. However, instead of apartment rooms, we can visualize the environment around houses based on available photos.

20. Book Rental and Exchange

That is a kind of social network allowing its participants to exchange paper books and pay the “rent” to publishers for their e-books. Not all book lovers have enough space at home to keep a large library, and far from everyone can afford to buy books time and again. Therefore, a book rental and exchange platform is a noteworthy and promising idea for a mobile app.

Book Rental App Idea example moqup
Book Rental Apps Design Concept by Dribble

21. Private Discount Club

This app should look like a cashback service, but it should be exclusive and meant for a limited number of participants or based on particular interests. This community would be interesting for both users and businesses. Discount offers unavailable anywhere else could be a possible attraction for new audiences.

22. Intellectual Games

Crosswords, puzzles, word games and conundrums are not only a good way to relax but also to spend your time with use. They can have a positive effect on kids and also adults.

Intellectual games and puzzles don`t have such a big audience as usual games have, but it`s also a good idea for a mobile application that fits exactly in its niche and for users.

23. City Guide

It is no problem at all to find a good city guide app for megacities. However, for smaller cities and towns, it can become a real challenge.

City Guide Mobile App
[by Patrick Michalicka]

You can easily create such a product by finding and systemizing the necessary reference data and making a dedicated mobile app out of it. Many users will surely take advantage of this app to access all the necessary data about their city in one place.

Want to start a project?

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24. Niche Ads Board

In this area, every country already has a couple of major players controlling the market. However, one can always stand out by focusing on a specific activity. For example, you can develop an advert board for:

  • workers engaged in apartment renovation projects;
  • photographers and videographers;
  • adverts on special equipment (excavators, bulldozers, etc.) rental.

Our hint: visit a large advertising service and learn about the popularity of certain industries. This way you can find the most profitable niche for your app.

25. Public Car-sharing

Carsharing is a form of temporary car rental (several hours or days), which is currently gaining popularity in many countries all over the world, especially in large cities.

However, you can think of another approach to implement this mobile app idea, say by launching a startup allowing people to rent a car not from car rental companies but directly from car owners.

Car sharing mobile application
Car Sharing App by Koyes Ahmed

26. Expert Advice

The essence of this mobile app idea is to introduce a platform using which people could get advice from experts in various fields. For instance, it could be a real estate expert, psychologist, corporate lawyer, or serial entrepreneur. You could monetize this kind of startup by charging interest on transactions carried out by users when they pay for advice services.

 Get help from an expert application idea
Image by Pawel Olek

27. Gift App

This is the idea of a mobile app that can potentially be in demand among a wide audience of users. Each of us sometimes faces the need to choose a gift for our loved ones, but it is not always easy to come up with a good idea at once. This kind of product should help you solve this problem.

Essentially, the service offers you to specify certain parameters (age, gender, event (for instance, birthday or wedding), and then, the app generates a list of gift ideas based on these parameters. You can monetize this product, using affiliate programs or cooperating directly with advertisers.

28. Uber for Consultants

Uber’s business model has worked very well for several typical short-term services like food ordering, house cleaning, minor repair services, etc. This model can also be applied in the consulting industry, as people quite often experience situations when advice from a specialist is necessary.

Consulting service mobile application idea

by Anastasia, Dribble

The independent consulting niche will continue to grow in the future, and even though you can hardly call this idea unique or easy, it is definitely worth considering.

Want to start a project?

Our team is ready to implement your ideas. Contact us now to discuss your roadmap!

29. Deal Offers near You

To make a successful product, you do not have to target a global or national market. In the age of smartphones, local markets are equally interesting for startups.

The essence of this mobile app idea is to allow users to quickly find profitable deals (promotions and discounts) in the neighborhood, for instance, in a pizzeria in the next street or a clothing store reachable in 10 minutes’ walk.

30. Buyers Club

When you make wholesale purchases, you get an advantage: the more merchandise you buy, the lower the price will be for a single unit. Moreover, sometimes you can even get some bonuses like free delivery, promotional offers, extended warranty, etc.

Keeping this in mind, it would be to people’s advantage to join up with each other, make joint wholesale purchases of products they need, and share them among themselves afterward. A dedicated app created to facilitate joint purchases will efficiently solve this problem.

31. Apps for Training New Skills

Not only children are eager to study. As actual statistics state, apps in the sphere of education break records of profitability both in Europe and the USA, moreover, it is relevant for any platform.

Educational app market growth

People got used to studying in mobile format, it is convenient for many users to do it just on go. That`s why the development of the product in such a niche is always a win-win option. The main challenge here is to create high-quality educational content.

Examples of this type of apps:

  • Cooking app with step-by-step recipe guides and instructional videos
  • Photography app that teaches users how to take better photos and edit them
  • Coding app that offers interactive coding lessons and exercises
  • A public speaking app that provides tips and exercises for improving speaking skills
  • Duolingo-style language learning app with gamification features
  • Music theory app that teaches users how to read sheet music and play an instrument
  • Fitness app that offers personalized workout plans and tracks progress
  • Meditation app that teaches users how to meditate and practice mindfulness
  • DIY home repair app that provides tutorials and guides for various household projects.

32. Find Pet Sitters

When you travel out of the city for a few days and cannot take your kids with you, you leave them at home with some relatives or hire a babysitter. This issue is also relevant for pet owners. So, you could develop an app to help users find a person who would take care of your pet while you are away.

33. Clothing Rental App

Most of us possess clothing items that once cost a lot but were worn just on a few occasions, and we will unlikely put them on in the nearest future. It would be much more convenient to rent such a thing or even lend these things, if you have them, and make money.

Wardrobe rental application
Rent My Wardrobe – clothing rental application example

Let us summarize

Even if you have excellent new ideas for mobile apps, it is worth keeping in mind that they are just a part of your success, and much depends on the way these ideas are implemented in practice. That is why you have to select a great team to work on the project and take on a high level of responsibility.

If any of these ideas inspire you to develop your own mobile app, you can always contact us to ask for development services. Our team of experienced professionals will do everything possible to provide you with a quality result that will exceed your expectations.

I hope this list will inspire you to take your first steps towards your future cool projects, bringing you profit and delivering benefits to your users!

April 21, 2023

Head of Marketing at Lvivity. Overall 10 years experience in online marketing, content strategy, and SEO.

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