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20+ Best Mobile App Ideas to Create in 202012 min read

Top new mobile application ideas

The total number of mobile apps in the App Store and Google Play store exceeds five million, and this number continues to grow. Developers’ revenues show a positive trend as well, and we don’t expect any significant changes to this in the coming years.

Coming up with fresh ideas for a mobile app is far from an easy task in a fast-growing and competitive field like this, even if you already have the necessary experience and the budget. However, new ideas are crucial if you want to create a startup, launch a new business or develop an existing one.

We have already written about ways to choose the technology to create an app and organize the entire process step by step, and have considered many other important aspects related to app development. All these issues will become pressing a little bit later. Well, it all actually starts with an idea.

In this article, we have collected 20+ great ideas for mobile apps for you, and they will become more prominent in 2020 and in the nearest future. Our selection will inspire you to launch new breakthrough startups that will be of great use for your users.

1. Virtual Interior Design

AR technologies are already developed enough to use them as a basis for great products created for various areas. For example, you can develop an application allowing you to add a photo of your room and then try “furnishing” it with different interior design elements: change wall colors, experiment with light, add and remove curtains, furniture items, etc.

Virtual Interior Design App

This is a great idea for a mobile startup that you could monetize by partnering with furniture stores, or repair or design services.

2. Book Reviews and Recommendations

If you like reading books, you will surely see value in this idea. Imagine an app with which you could take a picture of a book that interests you in a store and then instantly read feedback on it or recommendations for similar books. The data can be pulled from Goodreads, Amazon, and other similar platforms.

3. Virtual Jewelry Try-On

This is another way to use technology based on augmented reality. The user could try on appealing jewelry by uploading their photo in the app, and make a purchase decision based on the visualization.

4. Application for Elderly People

Everyone needs additional care and attention as they age, and elderly people are gradually becoming an increasingly large category of app users. Imagine an idea for ​​an app that will make their lives easier by planning their daily activities, reminding them about medications and utility bills, or simplifying the ordering and delivery of food products for their individual diet.

5. Barter Exchange App

Merchandise exchange is one of the earliest practices, which will never fully lose relevance. You can develop an app in the form of a platform designed to facilitate exchange processes among users who wish to barter various things like clothes, gadgets, tools, toys, etc.

Bartering Mobile Application
Many of us own things that we once bought, but now they lie untouched in our closets and are not used at all. So why not exchange them for something you can actually use now?

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6. Interactive Contact List

Almost everyone has profiles on various social networks and several messengers at the same time. Based on this, we can formulate a simple but interesting idea for a mobile app – an interactive contact list that will contain links to every page relevant to a certain person on various social networks, their email address, and messengers.

7. Wish Store

Many online stores feature a dedicated button designed to add merchandise to the Wish List or Favorites. You can rethink this option a little bit, developing a platform that allows users to post photos or a description of goods they need. Then, based on this data, various sellers could offer goods or custom manufacturing services.

8. Interest Community

Each of us has hobbies and interests based on which we can find like-minded people both in our city and in the online space all over the world. Using this data, you can develop an app that would unite users with similar interests into a single community. Use our hint and try to explore popular interest groups on Facebook, and you will surely find many interesting discoveries.

9. Custom Itinerary Application

Common tourist trails are of little interest to many people nowadays. At the same time, many travelers who have had fascinating travel experiences will be eager to share them with others. The idea for ​​this mobile app is to create a database featuring travel itineraries, or just walks, that are explained by the users themselves.

When the number of available itineraries is large enough, you can offer filters with the following parameters:

  • Walk duration (1-2 hours, 1 day, 2 days, etc.);
  • Objectives (tourism, birthday, romantic evening);
  • Transportation (done on foot, by car, by bus);
  • Budget (up to $50, $50-100, $200-500);
  • And others.

10. Tinder for Board Games

Board games are an old and profitable business, but not many can regularly afford to purchase interesting novelties in this area. This issue can be solved by using a mobile app to help people who already have a specific board game in their possession bring together a group of several participants who would want to try playing it for the first time or just have a good time.

11. How Much Does Your Time Cost?

This is a rather simple idea for ​​a mobile app, which, at the same time, has huge potential for gaining popularity. The idea is to develop a calculator that shows you the time you have to work to afford a certain object based on your income data.

As additional features, you can integrate the possibilities of switching between currencies, to include tax liabilities, etc.

12. Christmas list

This app would be an aggregator of various goods available in different online stores, which the user could add to his Christmas wish list. As an option, it could be a wish list with no reference to any particular holiday.

Holidays WishList
[by Rounded Restangle]

The user’s relatives and friends could look through this list and order the things they like as a Christmas present for the user. Online stores could offer some additional bonuses like gift wrappings or free delivery.

13. Search for Objects by Photo

Point your camera at an object you like or download its photo from the Internet (for example, from Instagram), click the search button, and get a list of online stores where you can buy it. It’s a perfect idea for a startup, isn’t it?

14. Friend Rating

Picture a social network in which you could anonymously evaluate your friends’ various personal traits: temperament, appearance, behavior, clothing style, etc.

People will see their rating and the number of users who voted, but they can never find out who rated them and how. I think this kind of app would be especially popular among teenagers.

15. Recipes by Ingredients

You can make an app offering you culinary recipes based on a list of products you specify. As an advanced feature, you can add the possibility to set a calorie restriction.

A simple parsing of popular culinary websites could help you integrate thousands of recipes into the application database. Users get a general list and then familiarize themselves with the recipe in more detail on the source website.

16. Dash Cam App

Nowadays, most phones have 2 cameras, and one of them is often a wide-angle one suitable for a dash cam. Add a large touch screen, a large amount of memory, GPS, etc. to these features, and you get a practically perfect device for a purpose like this.

If your app supports cloud storage services, it will allow you to upload your recorded videos to the web to free up space on your smartphone. You can also implement voice control and Google Assistant support into your app to give users the possibility to activate the app by voice command rather than search for the dedicated app icon. We could go on recounting more possible features that would be great for this app.

17. Virtual Landscape Design

Actually, this idea for ​​a mobile app is similar to the interior design product mentioned at the beginning of this article. However, instead of apartment rooms, we can visualize the environment around houses based on available photos.

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18. City Guide

It is no problem at all to find a good city guide app for megacities. However, for smaller cities and towns, it can become a real challenge.

City Guide Mobile App
[by Patrick Michalicka]

You can easily create such a product by finding and systemizing the necessary reference data and making a dedicated mobile app out of it. Many users will surely take advantage of this app to access all the necessary data about their city in one place.

19. Thematic Checklists

The essence of any checklist is to create a list of specific steps necessary to complete a task. The idea for ​​this mobile app is to allow the creation of thematic checklists to a common database and use other people’s premade checklists. This product could be useful to many people.

20. Niche Advert Board

In this area, every country already has a couple of major players controlling the market. However, one can always stand out by focusing on a specific activity. For example, you can develop an advert board for:

  • workers engaged in apartment renovation projects;
  • photographers and videographers;
  • adverts on special equipment (excavators, bulldozers, etc.) rental.

Our hint: visit a large advertising service and learn about the popularity of certain industries. This way you can find the most promising niche for your app.

21. Public Carsharing

Carsharing is a form of temporary car rental (several hours or days), which is currently gaining popularity in many countries all over the world, especially in large cities.

However, you can think of another approach to implement this idea, say by launching a startup allowing people to rent a car not from car rental companies but directly from car owners.

22. Learning the Language in Context

The best way to learn a foreign language is to get fully immersed in the specific language environment. Moreover, when you learn words in context, you will memorize them much better. This is the essence of the idea for ​​this app, which I decided to include on our list.

You can develop a startup allowing the user to enter a specific word into an app and get a list of short text, audio, and video materials in which this word is used.
As a useful additional option, you can add the possibility to filter the content by the student’s level: from beginner to advanced.

23. Gift App

This is the idea of a mobile app that can potentially be in demand among a wide audience of users. Each of us sometimes faces the need to choose a gift for our loved ones, but it is not always easy to come up with a good idea at once. This kind of product should help you solve this problem.

Essentially, the service offers you to specify certain parameters (age, gender, event (for instance, birthday or wedding), and then, the app generates a list of gift ideas based on these parameters. You can monetize this product, using affiliate programs or cooperating directly with advertisers.

How to find new ideas for mobile apps

Ideas Brainstroming

Ultimately, it all comes down to doing some research and brainstorming. The larger the amount of time you can dedicate to this and the better you do the job, the better your chances are of finding a really cool idea.

  • Take a large and complex product and try to highlight the main features that are most popular among the target audience. Based on this data, you can create an interesting niche startup. For example, Instagram is virtually Photoshop filters that are a bit simplified and separated into a standalone product.
  • You can monitor Although the site is mostly filled with full websites and web service startups, these ideas can always be implemented into mobile applications for a similar purpose. Another way to take advantage of this is to use it as a source of inspiration when you’re brainstorming.
  • Find out specific problems that can be solved using the mobile app you will eventually develop. Even if similar products already exist, they by no means always solve the problem in the best way possible, and you can develop a product that handles it better. Search for problems and gaps.
  • Look for ideas on social networks and other communities. For example, you can monitor active discussions on a specific topic to understand what people are really interested in. Based on the information obtained, you can come up with an idea for ​​a mobile app capable of solving this problem.
  • Think about what app you personally lack. It is quite possible that there are lots of people with similar needs in the world. Having developed a product designed to help you solve such problems, apart from satisfying your own needs, you will be able to do good for other people as well.
  • Put down your new ideas every day and never rush to implement the first idea that occurred to you. It is quite possible that a week later you will realize that your seemingly ingenious thoughts of the previous day are actually not worth wasting time and money on. After some time, when you have large amounts of information, it will be much easier for you to find something worthwhile in your notes.

Let us summarize

Even if you have excellent new ideas for mobile apps, it is worth keeping in mind that they are just a part of your success, and much depends on the way these ideas are implemented in practice. That is why you have to select a great team to work on the project and take on a high level of responsibility.

If any of these ideas inspire you to develop your own mobile app, you can always contact Lvivity to ask for development services. Our team of experienced professionals will do everything possible to provide you with a quality result that will exceed your expectations.

I hope this list will inspire you to take your first steps towards your future cool projects, bringing you profit and delivering benefits to your users!

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