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How to Find a Profitable Niche for Your Mobile App

How to find Nishe for App

There are a lot of apps now, and it is almost impossible to stand out trying to create another social network or note-storing service. That is why it is crucial to choose a good niche which will attract a sufficiently large target audience for your product without fighting with your competitors for each user.

In addition, by conducting a preliminary market analysis at the app concept-developing stage, you will be able to save money and make necessary changes to your concept so that you can offer your users a really high-quality, relevant product.

In this article, I will share some tips and examples on how to find a profitable niche for a mobile app.

Analyze App Store and Google Play: From Larger to Smaller

No matter how well you make sense of the market, an analysis of app store categories will still give you a lot of useful data. The main recommendation is to try to select different categories from the general ones.  This kind of specialization provides more chances for success.

For example, you can identify separate directions by genre in the category of apps for reading or buying books: business literature, science fiction and fantasy, non-fiction publications, and other genres. This way, it will be easier for you to attract audience attention and understand what exactly your target user segment is interested in.

Where Do People Currently Spend Money?

Almost all successful startups did not create new niches but offered a new way to address existing needs instead. Among some excellent examples are Uber and AirBnb, which have entered the already existing broad markets of passenger transportation and accommodation.

Where do people spend money

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People are constantly looking for for entertainment and for ways to learn languages, buy goods from online stores, travel, and do many other things which they are used to paying money to do.  If you build a mobile app for such a niche, you could easily convince them to pay for it.

Is the Market Large Enough?

A niche market is a segment of a much broader market. A narrower specialization allows you to attract your target audience quickly at the very start and to scale it successfully in the future. However, your product growth potential has to be rather strong. Otherwise, you either will be unable to get a decent profit at all or will fight your competitors for each user.

To get help in assessing the market potential of your app, you should contact marketing specialists, because this task requires a certain timeframe even for an experienced professional.

Decide What Problems Your App Will Solve

The easiest way to make money is to provide real benefits to your users. Take a look around and think of problems you have, ones which are still difficult to sort out.

Then take some time to find mobile apps existing on the market that address these problems. Rate their approximate popularity and consider whether you can make a better or more profitable product.

For instance, if your competitors charge $15 per month for a subscription, but you can offer the same for $5 a month, the probability of success is quite high.

Examples of Interesting Niches for a Mobile App

Here are some examples of niches which are particularly interesting with regards to profit-making, but the competition is still fairly moderate here and new players have lots of opportunities to succeed.

Health and Self-development

These are the “evergreen” niches which will always be relevant, no matter how trends and technology change. They are, for example, weight control apps with lessons for various workouts, dieting, and so on. It is definitely worth paying close attention to fitness as well.


If we talk about self-development, we can include topics such as education, career, professional skills, and other things like these.

B2B Services

Business apps have one undeniable advantage: they are designed for those who are used to spending money. This niche will always be profitable because the average user spends much more money on it than with any other type of app.

B2B services

Apps of this kind are designed to solve a variety of tasks like storing passwords and information, scanning documents, and solving other similar tasks related to work and business.

Content Selling

Mobile apps are great for selling content used on smartphones and tablets. What is in demand amongst users? Music, books, and films – these are the three pillars supporting this particular mobile market sector.

You can stand out here as well, focusing on a specific segment and offering a selection of content in a particular genre but relying on the broad range of offers or other important factors for your target audience.

At the Crossroads of Online and Offline

Mobile apps, which make it possible to use a smartphone and solve any problem that arises outside the digital space, belong to a special class of product. As examples, we can mention a daily accommodation renting service (Airbnb), flight booking, taxi booking (Uber), food delivery, and household problem-solving.

Online and Offline

If you want to develop an application in this area, you have to understand that someone has already identified this need which is to be satisfied. Looking at it from a new perspective would be the right step to take. Do it differently to others but ensure a better quality.

Let Us Summarize

The most important step before launching an app is to make a detailed market analysis and choose the niche in which you want to work. Your success will completely depend on that. Sometimes, such analysis brings quite unexpected results and forces you to make serious changes to your original strategy.

Gaming and entertainment sectors continue to generate maximum revenues on the mobile market. However, this segment is now substantially saturated and experiences a high level of competition.

That is why it makes sense to pay attention to other app categories. This will significantly increase your chances of success. I hope this article will help you find a really profitable niche.

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Volodymyr Fedorychak

Digital Marketing Specialist at Lvivity

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