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Software Reengineering Process and its Benefits for Business

Software product reengineering

Any software gets out of date over time and, if the enterprise’s performance depends on it, then there a number of problems which might appear. They can be prevented, but for this it is necessary to initiate some measures which involve software reengineering process. We shall define its features in this article.

A software product reengineering is a software upgrading procedure or its migration to a more advanced technology platform. At the same time, its current functionality is either saved or undergoes slight modification.

Typically, software reengineering process includes one or more procedures from the following list:

  • source code translation into another programming language;
  • database reorganization or its transfer;
  • software architecture optimization;
  • new functionality addition and integration with third-party APIs.

Thus, the system not only corresponds to the company’s business processes, but also remains relevant in terms of technology. This is really important under today’s volatile market conditions.

When there is a need for software reengineering process

The modernization process will be an appropriate option in the following cases:

  • when the programming language or platform is no longer supported. Improvements, patches for bug fixing and security updates no longer work, which makes the app vulnerable. Also, there are lost the options for integration with third-party systems through modern APIs;
  • there is a drastic change in technology. The situation when the initially promising technology is replaced by more successful and advanced alternatives is common in IT. The market is constantly evolving and, if the company wants to keep up with technology, reengineering process becomes a necessity;
  • business processes in the company are changing. If the product was initially confined to the ideal solution of a limited number of tasks in clearly defined processes’ conditions, it may be necessary to make changes to the software, provided most of them are to be changed;
  • if the software is initially poor. This sometimes happens because of an attempt of excessive saving at development or opting for amateur performers. If the solution used limits the company’s performance and does not work well enough, it influences business processes and reengineering might help to achieve a higher-quality product;
  • a technology appears which is perfect for your goals. For example, a completely new market can appear, as happened when the first iPhone came out. This does not happen often nowadays, but still, it may well do.

If you fall under any of the above criteria, this is an occasion to consider the need for reengineering process to keep up with competitors and keep developing your product.

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Benefits of Software Reengineering Process for Business

productivity increase and improvement opportunity
At a certain stage, the organization is faced with the choice of creating a new system from scratch or upgrading an existing one. In most cases, it is software reengineering process that will be the right choice, as it provides a number of significant advantages:

  • productivity increase. By optimizing the code and database the speed of work is increased;
  • improvement opportunity. You can not only refine the existing product, but also expand its capabilities by adding new features;
  • risk reduction. Development from scratch is always a more risky exercise, as opposed to a phased upgrade of the existing system;
  • time saving. Instead of starting development from scratch, the existing solution is simply transferred to a new platform, saving all business-logic;
  • optimization potential. You can refine the system functionality and increase its flexibility, ensuring better compliance with the enterprise’s current objectives;
  • processes continuity. The old product can be used while testing the new system until all work is completed.

Thus, we have an optimal solution since we have to transfer the software to a new platform/technology, while ensuring the continuous operation of processes of the enterprise.

Let’s Sum Up the Results

Nowadays technologies not only intensively develop, but also go out of date at railway speed. That’s why the situation of software developed 5-6 years ago on an individual project and for the company’s specific needs now beginning to slow its development is quite common.

Software reengineering process allows modernizing the used system and eliminating technical problems, which reduces the cost of service and expands its capabilities in terms of meeting business needs. The modern world is too volatile to allow yourself the luxury of staying in one place and not changing anything.

You can always contact our company specialists, who will perform professional audit of your software. Regardless of whether your product works on a web, PC or mobile platform, our team can turn an outdated product into a high-performance and convenient solution that will be ideally suited to your modern business needs.

April 19, 2018

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