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Healthcare Mobile App

Healthcare mobile app/web-portal. Purpose of this project was to develop a healthcare mobile app as well as web-portal where users will be able to track their blood pressure, health indicators, appointments, do a statistic of every part of measurement. Also this application can predict some risks in health indicators and send notification messages.


December 2016 – Present


Create a friendly, efficient environment for the diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone in men.

Result achieved

Low T Center is designed so men can walk in, take a quick blood test, and know whether or not testosterone therapy is right for them in about 20 minutes. Next, a licensed clinician will work with them to develop a plan tailored specifically for them. After consultation with their care provider, many men elect to begin therapy that same day. After the initial visit, a typical follow-up takes 15 minutes or less.

WEB API, C#, .NET, Xamarin Android, AWS
Mobile (Android), Web
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