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How to Gain and Improve App Store Ratings and Reviews

App Store Ratings/Reviews

App reviews and ratings are a testament to the quality of your business’ app. Ratings affect how potential customers perceive your product and can influence whether someone decides to download it.

App reviews and ratings should reflect your current app’s performance and customer service. You want to curate an impressive reputation so consumers trust your app to deliver on its promises. Customers tend to trust other users and avoid apps that have poor feedback.

Businesses understand the value of customer reviews both for potential sales and product improvement. Almost two-thirds of businesses (63%) actively read and implement user feedback.

As mobility becomes increasingly important to company experiences, the potential to constantly connect with customers not only increases sales opportunities, but also augments the pressure to meet customer expectations constantly.

Encourage Customer Reviews through Social Media

Your app will receive higher visibility if you gain more reviews. Still, to receive those reviews, people need to be aware of your app.

As such, it can be a difficult process to find those original users needed to increase your ratings and thus your rank.

Social media channels can be a great tool to demonstrate your app’s potential. Social media has a large reach and is easily accessible by most people. Social media can act as a gateway into a consumer base as your business promotes your app on different pages.

Encourage Customer Reviews

You should use a multi-channel effort to effectively engage the most users, but make sure each channel provides a different angle to content. YouTube can demonstrate how to use your app or show how other people enjoy the app’s features.

Twitter acts as a quick and easy form of communication that usually feels more casual than other channels. Try to generate a conversation on Twitter that increases your followers’ excitement for the launch.

Instagram should focus on the visual aspects of your app, including snapshots of your app’s design and essential moments. As well, you can use Instagram to tease the release of new features or upgrades.

A strong social media presence can raise awareness and increase potential followers. As well, curating a consumer base outside of app stores means more people will trust the reliability of your app.

People feel more inclined to relay positive reviews to companies they trust. Social media not only increases your visibility, but also offers a larger brand presence to consumers. A reputable image and engaged business model motivate users to leave high ratings.

Ensure Your Ratings Reflect Your App Accurately

When apps first launch, they can have unexpected bugs and poor user design. It can be challenging to become an immediate success without knowledge of how people will react. As you collect user feedback, you can gain more insight into how to improve your app.

Still, once you do make those upgrades, your app can feel like a different product. You may feel as though the older reviews don’t do your app justice.

You can decide to reset your app page when you release a new version in iOS. This reset will erase your past reviews, which gives your app a clean slate.

In-App Reviews

Once you erase your app page, your positive reviews will also be gone. iOS does not allow for you to only keep your good reviews. If you do choose to reset your page, make sure you are aware that you will have to rebuild your ratings from the beginning.

This change can reflect your new app more accurately. As well, since you already have a user base, visibility should be less difficult to gain.

App reviews are extremely important to attract new users. Your app page should demonstrate your present usability and design.

Respond to Your Feedback

Your app will receive poor reviews. No business can satisfy all customers, but it is important to minimize the impact of your negative ratings.

You do not want a few bad reviews to dominate your page. The simplest way to demonstrate that you value customer opinion is to respond to criticism. Considering you already should have a social media channel, post about how you will fix a bug or improve a feature.

Customers like to know their opinions are considered in the process of the app updates. By reading and replying to user concerns, you build a stronger bond with your consumers and improve your app.

Further, responding to feedback can make customers feel less inclined to leave a bad review. They may simply message your help center or ask a question on social media if they have an issue.

You can create spaces for your customer to seek assistance, which will give them the client satisfaction they demand.

Reviews indicate what processes you need to change and how you can guarantee customer satisfaction. Make sure you actively implement feedback for the best results.

Boost Your Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews can determine whether your app is a success. They affect both your app’s reputation and standings in app stores.

Expand your reach with creative social media tactics that engage and educate your target audience. These efforts will result in a more loyal and positive consumer base. Further, by marketing your app on separate channels, you will receive a greater chance of users leaving reviews.

Your app’s launch may not be seamless unless you hire a top mobile app developer with an extensive portfolio of experience. As such, you may benefit from a reset after your initial app version.

Most importantly, respond to customer concerns and show that you value their feedback. Most consumers simply want to know that you are working on a solution for their problem.

You can use these tips to successfully improve your app store rank and reach a larger audience of users.

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