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Our CEO, company columnists expert views, and guest essays or ideas from the world of business, workflow organization, and other aspects of information technologies.

Volodymyr Fedorychak

This is how Ukraine’s IT Businesses can Grow Despite War

Despite the Russian Federation’s full-scale military invasion, which started on February 24, 2022, Ukraine as a state continues to function, its economy works, and the IT sector has not just…

Ruslan Telvak

Effective Software QA Testing: 10 Essential Principles

You can find lots of articles describing the technical aspects of testing. However, you can hardly find so much info on general principles and approaches to such work, though, knowing…

Olena Mikula

8 Common Mistakes in UX Design for Mobile Apps

The best mobile app design is the one that goes unnoticed. It is the UX quality that makes a good product different from a bad one. Moreover, you have to…

Petro Kovalchuk

Why the Classic Agile Model Loses Applicability and What We’ve Replaced It With

More and more often, the deadline and project release to production are the most important points in development. Some startups go to production even in MVP versions, and then the…

Petro Kovalchuk

Junior, Middle and Senior: How to Effectively Build a Team of Different Level Specialists

The success of any project in many ways depends on the team. Even a small product is mostly designed by a team, even if that team consists of just two…

Svyatoslav Khyiliak

Motivation to finish your boring job

Oftentimes, we face boring tasks that have to be finished before moving onto the next stage of work. It might be a lengthy project, mundane tasks, repetitive work, etc. Some…

Svyatoslav Khyiliak

Size doesn’t matter. Why specialists opt for smaller companies?

Sooner or later there comes a time for a company when their HR manager has to look for new employees. It is not an issue for large companies as they…

Petro Kovalchuk

Why small teams, not corporations, introduce new technologies on the market

Everything we develop is based on certain technologies. Moreover, in the modern world, your competitive advantages or vulnerable points can depend on the technologies you use. However, this does not…