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6 Best Data Visualization Tools You Should Try

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Data Visualization Tools for Business

When it comes to data presentation, visualization is one of the most efficient tools. It allows you to visually track the main trends and dependencies, find the correlation between various indicators, assess changes, and make the right business decisions. Indeed, it is important for both data retrieval and presenting it in a comprehensible form.

There are many good tools used to visualize data. Some of them are quite simple: you just have to upload the data and choose the way to display it. Others are more compound and complex, requiring customization.

I have made a selection of data visualization tools for you. On this list, you will find both products for those who need quick, understandable results and solutions for advanced users.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

This service may prove to be tricky and a little bit confusing for beginners, but that is the way the most professional Google services are. Actually, you will need several days maximum to figure out how everything works and learn how to track important business indicators, using this service.

Google Data Studio key features:

  • multiple connectors for data import;
  • data retrieved from various sources can be displayed on one dashboard;
  • multi-page reports support;
  • filter and segmentation flexible system;
  • easy to organize teamwork;
  • report elements location, layout, and style customization;
  • free to use.

This tool is constantly developing, and we recommend you to test its capabilities. ->


Datawrapper Data Visualization tool

That is an open-source data visualization tool originally written with a focus on journalists but has long been successfully used by multiple industries. Charts, tables, and maps created in Datawrapper are perfectly tailored for viewing on mobile devices.

Datawrapper Key features:

  • a wide selection of graphs and charts available for users;
  • data can be uploaded using .xlsx /.csv files or from Google Sheets;
  • programming skills are not required to use the service;
  • maps and charts are interactive;
  • an open-source platform;
  • when you use the free plan, your data is stored on the Datawrapper server.

Note: The free version allows up to 10,000 views per chart. After you have reached this limit, you will have to upgrade to the paid version. ->

Want to start a project?

Our team is ready to implement your ideas. Contact us now to discuss your roadmap! online visualization tool

This service allows you to create an interactive visualization that you can embed on your website or download as a PDF or graphic file. More than thirty types of diagrams and several themes are available to use.

You can manually enter the data you need to visualize, using the integrated editor, or you can upload it in various file formats or import it from cloud services. The tool is easy to use and provides many ready-made custom templates used to create infographics, maps, and diagrams.

The basic account is free of charge, and paid plans start at $19.

Google Charts

Google Charts

If you are looking for an easy-to-learn data visualization tool providing a rich gallery of charts and the possibility to create custom graphs, that is another convenient platform. Using HTML5 code, you can embed various visualizations on your website or even integrate them into your mobile app. Moreover, you can import necessary data from different sources, using a dedicated protocol. The service is free to use. ->


Tableau data visualization tool

That is an advanced professional-grade data visualization tool used in business intelligence. This solution is suitable for those who need to build complex graphs, create data maps, and connect to various data sources. Using this service, you can mix and analyze data in real-time.

Tableau is a corporate-oriented platform and may seem quite complex. That is why the developers show lots of video tutorials explaining how to use the service.

A generally accessible version is free to use but does not allow your analyzed data to remain confidential. ->

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

The platform is complex software combining several products designed to solve a common problem:  data aggregation, visualization, and exchange.

Using this tool, you can turn the company’s unrelated data sources into complete interactive reports. At the same time, you can resort to various data sources like databases, Excel files, text files, cloud services, etc.

Microsoft Power BI includes:

  • Power BI Desktop app to create data models and to design reports — dashboards.
  • Power BI online service (SaaS) to publish reports.
  • Power BI Mobile app to view reports on smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft Power BI opens up broad opportunities for business intelligence.>



The platform is a simple and flexible data visualization tool supported by an open community. Consequently, all of its features are available for free.

This library allows you to easily create diagrams and charts of any type, as well as to build data on a time range and a logarithmic scale. Chart.js also has tools to work with animation, allowing you to efficiently modify diagrams with account for new data available and experiment with presentation color and design.

To conclude

Proper data visualization allows gaining better data comprehension and increasing decision-making speed, both of which are important benefits for businesses.

Ideally, if time allows, it is worth trying each of the aforementioned tools in practice to see what works best for you. I hope you will find this article helpful and the list useful for you.

If you are looking for a team capable of creating a technical solution for you from scratch, write to us, and let us discuss the details.

November 19, 2020

CEO at Lvivity

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