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Family Plan App

It is a mobile app allowing divorced parents to map out their time necessary to look after kids in common. Using the Family Plan App, divorced parents can make a schedule that organizes how their kids will spend time with each of them.


December 2018 – Present


The objective of this app is to provide parents with the ability to allocate the time necessary to look after kids, schedule events using a calendar, and track events in the app’s activity history.

Additionally, the app would allow parents to schedule homework during the time spent with their kids and to share expenses for various activities.

Result achieved

We have developed an environment in which parents can create profiles for their kids and “bind” those profiles to one of the parents.

We can create a category that highlights the distribution of funds and assign it to one of the parents. After that, we can create a payment request for both parent and child.

On the calendar page, we can create a particular event and swap for an individual kid. Consequently, each event for a particular kid is represented by colored points and icons in the calendar.

React.Native, Node.js, HTML5/CSS
Mobile, WEB
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