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From playing guitar to hitchhiking and snowboarding – what are Lvivity team hobbies?

Play the guitar

Although job takes the most time of the day for an adult, each of us has something to enjoy doing in our free time. We are talking about hobbies – personal interest which gives delight and provides opportunities for self-realization in other spheres other than professional development.

We decided to ask our team members about their interests and hobbies, something they like doing in their free time. I’m sure you will find it interesting too!

A bit of statistics

After the survey has been completed, the ratio for the results can be depicted as follows:
Our team hobbies

  • Outdoor activities
  • Sport
  • Computer games
  • Music
  • Programming
  • Hitchhiking
  • Photography

Regarding outdoor activities, there have been combined several activities under this general name, and the most popular outdoor activity in our team is snowboarding.

Adding to this the meaning of “doing sports”, you can pleasantly conclude that most of those working in Lvivity are into healthy lifestyle and spend much time for that!

Our team outdoor activities

Computer games and playing musical instruments scored the same number of points. At the end of our list there are such hobbies as programming, hitchhiking and photography. For those who have indicated programming as their hobby, an ideal combination has emerged: when your work is your own hobby.

In addition to the existing hobbies, it was interesting to ask about something else each of you would like to do or study. Here we got the following rating sorted by the popularity:

  1. Learn to play musical instruments
  2. Learn new programming languages
  3. Improve the level of English
  4. Radio engineering and robots design
  5. Trying ballroom dancing
  6. Learn to skate
  7. Master the skills of woodcraft.

What hobby do you have? Maybe it’s time to finally sign up for the guitar lessons, pick up the camera, and dust off the tourist backpack!

Lvivity Team

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