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Baby Tech Industry: Opportunities for Technology Startups

Baby Tech Industry Opportunities

Young families actively use gadgets and software to solve a variety of their tasks. Consequently, the demand for products and services in the Baby Tech category is rapidly growing.

We can even say we are now witnessing a global boom in a new industry aimed at creating technological products and services to tend to the needs of babies, kids under 12, and their parents.

This article will provide some interesting statistical data on this market and show the opportunities arising in this niche for startups, companies, and independent developers.

Why Baby Tech is a Growing Market worth of Paying Attention To

Millennials have fewer kids than the previous generation, and the average parenting age is higher. Despite these facts, the baby tech market is steadily growing.

How so? The answer is simple: people of this generation have been handling gadgets since their childhood. They are used to solving problems using their smartphones and the apps installed on them.

Everything suggests that investors love babies too:

Baby Tech Funding Amount

[Source: CBInsights]

In 2019, Forbes estimated that the U.S. Baby Tech market reached about $46 billion and continues to grow now. In that country alone, parents spend about $42 billion annually on early childhood development (CSCCE). Moreover, in this technology sector, we are still in our infancy.

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Here are several more reasons why this market is very promising:

  • The millennial generation is giving birth to more and more kids. They feel comfortable using high-tech devices and utilize gadgets, apps, and social media to raise their kids.
  • Young households have higher incomes as compared to their parents. They can afford many of the Baby Tech solutions.
  • The ration of working parents, especially working mothers, is currently much higher than a few decades ago, and this figure continues to grow as well.

Working Moms by the Numbers in the USA

[Source: Statista]

One of the most important arguments is that modern parents want to surround their kids with love and care and keep their careers and social lives going. Digital solutions are perfect for solving this problem.

Promising Trends for Developing Solutions in Baby Tech Industry

There are two main groups of people that companies operating in this sector can target:

  • future parents who are planning or expecting kids;
  • families that are currently raising kids.

We can highlight several areas that are worth focusing on for companies eager to make money in the Baby Tech industry.

  1. Fertility and Pregnancy Trackers

This area includes solutions aimed at future parents, primarily women, who are planning to get pregnant and want to monitor the process of their pregnancy.


  • apps for menstrual cycle tracking;
  • smart devices for predicting optimal days for conception;
  • gadgets and apps for fetal health monitoring.

Digital Pregnancy Tracker

  1. Baby Care Solutions

The main task is to provide 24/7 child care and health monitoring. The following solutions can serve as examples in this area:

  • devices for blood oxygen levels and baby’s heart rate monitoring;
  • no-touch smart thermometers and smart scales;
  • smart breast pumps tracking the feeding history and controlling milk volume;
  • smart feeding jars able to sync with the dedicated app.

  1. Smart Parenting

This pool of Baby Tech solutions includes devices to monitor kids’ condition remotely and ensure their safety. Various devices for monitoring the environment where kids are currently staying belong here as well.

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  • video baby monitors with built-in video cameras, microphones, and speakers;
  • smart GPS gadgets that keep track of your kid’s location;
  • solutions for air and room temperature monitoring;
  • smart seats for cars, etc.
  1. Play and Learn Technologies

Besides taking care of a baby and monitoring its health, striving to help kids develop their cognitive and social skills is no less important for parents. This segment includes the following Baby Tech solutions:

  • robotic toys and educational construction kits;
  • learning games, simulations, and educational platforms;
  • EduTech products based on augmented reality technology.

Early learning technologies for kids

Finding the Next Big Thing

Using modern technological solutions, young parents can take care of their kids more comfortably, help each other and share their experiences. As childcare and upbringing technologies develop and evolve, most of the solutions that seem to be novelties now will become habitual to every family.

The demand for Baby Tech solutions will continue to grow, and that makes this niche attractive to both investors and developers. If you need a reliable technology partner to create such a product, write to us, and we will assist you in this endeavor.

Volodymyr Fedorychak

Digital Marketing Specialist at Lvivity

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