Ultimate Trading Robot

The FIFA 18 artificial intelligence robot trader, called the “FIFA 18 Ultimate Trading Robot (UTR)” has just launched. It enables you to make coins at the click of a button, meaning you actually require no trading knowledge. By looking at the purchase history you can learn how to trade manually for the first time, you’ll be able to make coins and learn how to trade, even if you currently know nothing about trading, by clicking one single button.

So there’s really nothing you have to do apart from clicking the ‘Start’ button on the program. We definitely advise taking detailed notes regarding which players have been purchased so you can actually become a better trader. Understanding how to trade is incredibly invaluable as a FUT player (read through our website archives and weekly market update for further help).

The UTR team have confirmed that all the auctions usually sell within 24 hours and it’s making many users approximately 50,000 coins per day on each account they use with the FIFA 18 Ultimate Trading Robot.

Develop a quality product based on concurrency approaches for automatic work in the ea market.

Result achieved:


So unlike all the Autobuyers and Autobidders out there, with the FIFA 17 Ultimate Trading Robot you do not need to Search for players to trade.The algorithm inside the Ultimate Trading Robot searches the Market 100% automatically for random players with profit potential and bids on these players automatically until you win the auction.

After that it automatically relists it with a higher price. This will hopefully teach you which players will offer good profits, so you can further replicate the process yourself manually.

Platform: Desktop
Techologies used: Java 8, Maven, Jdbc, Sqlite, Concurency
Industry of the project: Business, Entertainment
Country of the project: Portugal