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Top 8 Web Development Frameworks for 2022

Web Application Development
Most Popular Web Frameworks

A large number of web development frameworks are currently available, and this diverse inventory sometimes confuses even the most experienced developers. Your future website and the way it works and looks largely depends on what exactly you choose as a framework.

The world of web development is constantly changing, and it is very important to understand in which direction these changes are moving. To help you keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends, we decided to create a selection of the most popular web development frameworks in 2022. We hope it will make your choice simpler.


Angular.JS framework

Angular.JS is the most popular open source JavaScript framework supported by Google. In addition to its rich standard library, users have written a lot of extensions for it. However, the use of MVC is one of the distinguishing features unique to this framework.

Angular.JS provides the amazing combination of a low entry threshold and a rich feature set. To start writing small applications on it, you will need several hours of free time. However, it will take months to study all its capabilities and learn to use them.

Angular.JS supports Ajax, DOM structure management, animation, patterns, routing, and other features. The powerful framework and its rich functionality are finding uses in more and more web applications.


Laravel logo

Laravel is a web application framework with an expressive and elegant syntax. It is a full-stack solution for both back-end and front-end developers. Many experts consider the platform documentation to be almost perfect.

Key framework features:

  • it has a built-in script collector and SCSS
  • necessary modules are connected as service provider packages
  • Laravel uses a remarkable Blade template, which allows users to separate webpage slicing from the PHP code
  • caching, working with file storage, working with various databases
  • task queues, task scheduler, console, work with SSH
  • WebSockets support to create real interactive apps
  • multi-language support: easily add any languages to the already existing translations in the Laravel-lang package
  • flexible possibilities to write REST API.

Laravel is constantly being improved, keeping up with modern trends. In learning Laravel, you will never lag behind in the world of web development. The main thing is not to focus on any particular framework version but to advance together with it.

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React.js is one of the most popular libraries used to create complex frontend solutions. It was introduced on Facebook in 2013 and gained popularity very quickly. Nowadays many well-known companies, including Instagram, AirBnB, eBay, Netflix, Yahoo, and others use it in production.

React is based on the concept dividing the user interface into separate self-contained parts — components which are fairly simple to maintain and expand. You can even create separate components and then use them in different projects, transferring them easily from one project to another.

The freedom of action allowing you to use a huge number of approaches to building apps (redux, mobx, and others) is one of the main features of React.js. They are not part of React.js itself but its architectural superstructures, which are constantly developing as well.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails framework

This is a full-fledged, multi-level framework, designed to build web applications using databases, and is based on MVC architecture. Since its appearance, this framework has quickly become one of the most powerful tools used to create web applications for startups and all sorts of websites.

The main advantage of the Ruby on Rails framework is the speed of development. In the first place, the high development speed is determined by an extensive set of ready-to-use standard RoR tools, a huge set of pre-created solutions in the community, the Ruby language, and the simple coding.

The standards for adding files to a project, standards for writing code in a project, and general programming rules in Ruby on Rails can structure any project to the greatest possible extent. Due to this approach, the project becomes very readable, and newcomers can join any project quickly without delay.



The ASP.NET MVC platform is a framework designed to create websites and web applications implementing the MVC pattern. Coders like this technology for its convenience, flexibility, and widespread usage.

It offers a highly productive coding model, which allows users to build purer code architecture, provides development through testing, and supports ubiquitous extensibility in combination with all the ASP.NET advantages.

Due to all these features, the concept of shared responsibility is implemented. Consequently, it is easier to manage work on separate components. Moreover, the application has better testability because of this feature.


YII PHP framework

YII is a highly-efficient, component-based PHP framework designed to quickly develop large web apps. It allows you to maximally utilize the code reuse concept and is able to significantly speed up web development.

It is a universal framework that can be used in all types of web apps. Due to its component structure and excellent caching support, it is suitable for large project development, including portals, forums, CMSs, stores, and RESTful applications.

The key benefits and features of the YII framework are:

  • high performance rate
  • allows you to cache both the entire page and separate fragments
  • allows you to work with forms, functionally ensuring their construction and validation
  • implemented authentication and authorization
  • convenient to implement AJAX interfaces, integrates with jQuery
  • possibility to connect third-party libraries
  • works with database migrations
  • allows automated testing and TDD style development
  • supports the REST style.


Symfony logo

Symfony is the most popular PHP framework in the world. It includes the entire set of tools used to quickly develop web apps, and at the same time, it imposes absolutely nothing on your app.

Symfony is a set of stand-alone components. In their turn, connecting with each other, all the components generate a web platform – a unique ecosystem. Moreover, the choice of components depends on you and your objectives.

The framework’s strong points:

  • high performance rate due to the template engine used
  • flexible customization
  • it is possible to expand the app at any time, connecting new bundles that minimally affect other bundles, but it is possible to configure their simultaneous operation
  • stability and long-term support
  • developer orientation: to reduce routine work, using special commands, a convenient console allows the generation of specific code instead of needing an engineer.

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Django Python framework

Django is a Python web application framework. DRY (don’t repeat yourself) is one of the main principles of the platform. Django web systems are built from one or more apps that are recommended to be developed detachable and connectable. Due to this approach, the framework’s architecture notably differs from some others (for example, Ruby on Rails).

Key advantages:

  • Speed: Django was designed to help web developers create an app in the shortest time possible, making this solution most suitable for developers who hold deadlines as a priority in their work.
  • Complete package: Django works using dozens of additional features, which help a lot with user authentication, website maps, content administration, RSS, and much more.
  • Protection against security errors which may compromise the project.
  • Scalability: a good choice to work on projects aimed at high-level website traffic.

Let us summarize

We hope this framework list will be useful for you. Each of these platforms is good in its own way, but the final decision in favor of a certain web development framework should be taken based on the features of your particular project.

Apart from the overall platform functionality, you should also assess to what extent it is possible to apply certain features to achieve a particular goal. Then you will be able to make the right choice.

January 03, 2021

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