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Top 8 Technology Trends for 2019

Strategical Technology Trends 2019

Changes in technology largely determine the way our life will look in the nearest future. Yet, for business, 2019 will be marked by digital transformation. The choice is simple – either you learn to use technology to it’s full extent, optimize business processes, and keep up, or you will gradually lose to your competition.

In 2019, we are expecting multiple interesting events. We have traditionally prepared a selection of technological trends, which, in our opinion, will have a decisive influence on business and the economy as a whole.

Industrial IoT Development

Industrial IoT Development

The Internet of Things is no longer a novelty. However, this technology has really great development potential when applied to industrial production. Instead of implementing prototypes and concepts, which took place in recent years and months, large-scale commercial development of similar ecosystems will commence.

Technologies based on a combination of connections between people and devices will become the foundation for new business models and platforms, and create new opportunities for disruption in their fields that will go far beyond the technologies themselves.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Voice controlled chatbots will become even more ubiquitous. They will be used in all sorts of home devices. Many experts believe that future human communication with Internet services will take place via voice channels.

The smart speaker market is among the fastest growing consumer electronics segments. Moreover, it opens up huge prospects for chatbots and the possibility to develop human communication scenarios with all sorts of services.

When referring to devices that can discern natural language, it is important to note that there are more than just smart speakers. In 2019, we are expecting home robots, children’s toys, car devices, smart consumer electronics, and many other gadgets like these that will understand natural speech.

Autonomous Things

Autonomous Things

These include self-driving cars, drones, and all sorts of robotics. Autonomous things use AI to interact with their environment. They are increasingly being used to conduct activities previously carried out only by human beings.

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Pervasive Personalization

A customized approach to client services has become the main technological trend. Computer systems collect customer data using Wi-Fi, video analytics, and loyalty programs, and then generate a selection based on people’s interests, their consumer preferences, activity time, and average order value. As a result, when a customer comes to a store, the shop assistants already know what merchandise will most likely draw their attention.

This is not just about personal offers meeting the consumer’s interests. It is also about developing customer relations aimed at improving customer service and acquiring repeat customers. To achieve these goals, having access to complete information about past purchases and other interaction details is ideal.

Continuous Immersion Experience

Mixed Reality
Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality alter our usual ways of perceiving and interpreting the world around us. When aggregated and used in business, they lead to the development of a fully immersive experience for users.

The transition from interaction with individual devices and individual user interfaces to a multi-channel and continuous user experience is the main objective of this integration.

Machine Learning in Tandem with AI

Both technologies are very powerful by themselves, but combining them is the catalyst to making a huge leap in the development of both technologies. Embedding Machine Learning and AI in business processes and using platforms to analyze data based on these technologies provide a greater number of possibilities for high-quality operations.

Researchers identify two types of Artificial Intelligence: “general” and “narrow”. It is expected that the latter will gain more popularity when applied. We should also mention neural networks, which are actively used to collect and process data.

Quantum Computing (Supercomputers)

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing will provide a significant transformation in computational power. Its expansive growth will allow us to solve problems which previously seemed intractable. Furthermore, the construction of algorithms based on quantum computing will be in demand in various areas.

For instance, if you instruct a traditional computer to search for an exit from a maze, the machine will go through all the path options, bump up against all possible dead ends and only then find where the exit is. The quantum computer will “move” along all the paths simultaneously and provide the answer immediately.

Digital Transformation in Managed Innovation Format

Digital Transformation

There is no need to explain the fact that digital transformation has become a necessity for any business. However, it is now obvious that the transformation process should occur at a more moderate pace in the form of small iterations.

Technologies will be ranked according to the benefits they provide to the company, and based on this indicator, they will be deployed. Niche solutions aimed at performing specific objectives will become more popular.

Generally, it is expected that in 2019, companies will stop striving for big changes and will instead lean towards a more iterative approach to innovation. The main shift will push businesses towards operational efficiency improvements and business process optimizations.

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