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We Are Lvivity. It's nice to meet you!

We sincerely believe that it is impossible to achieve outstanding results without people passionately working and devoted in achieving their goals. Therefore, we invest in the main thing – our team, which consists of professionals who love what they do and who are 100% targeted to make each of our customers satisfied with the result.

Culture, principles, atmosphere

Good products can only be created in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere by people having a common vision of how the team should work. Respect for clients and employees is the basis of our culture, the set of principles that underlies Lvivity’s work since 2013, when the company was founded.

Lvivity Team

5 interesting facts about Lvivity

  • People from more than one hundred and twenty countries visit the pages of our website every month.
  • Lvivity team speaks 7 languages fluently: English, German, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Spanish, and Croatian. Someone claims that he speaks Latin (but we never checked)
  • Our team members’ average age is 26 years.
  • Some of our colleagues are successful in teaching.
  • We visited 18 countries of the world – by airplanes, trains, boats and hitchhiking.

We believe that the power is in simplicity. Therefore, we do not have a difficult corporate structure, unnecessary regulations and functions. We are 100% focused on creating quality products for our customers, and we want to do it in a pleasant atmosphere.

A Note from Petro Kovalchuk, Founder and CEO

I started working in the field of software development back in 2010, and in 2013, I founded Lvivity. Since then, our team has been constantly evolving, and I am proud of the company that we’ve built and continue building.

Our mission is to open up new opportunities both for us and our clients, and the passion with which we do our work allows us to succeed in our business.

I’m grateful to each of the team members and to each of our clients for staying with us. Together, we can reach new heights!