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Why We Offer Our Customers Solutions, Not Just Technologies

IT solutions for business needs

Most entrepreneurs who order software development to support their business needs are not technical experts. They find it difficult to choose the most appropriate tech stack and that often leads to problems in the future.

As a result, the decision is actually delegated to developers. This is the correct approach. However, an outsourced team is not always experienced enough. Consequently, “hype” technologies or outdated solutions are prioritized.

In fact, you have to adhere to an individual approach and pay more attention to your business analysis. This approach will allow the entrepreneur to make an informed decision and choose the most effective solution, based on particular business needs and capabilities.

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Code That Nobody Needs

Why choose a framework owned by two dozen people in the world? Let us say that the technology is 100% reliable and has no hidden bugs. OK. However, how many professionals are there who really own it? How many large companies have used it? How many best practices and ways to solve the most popular problems exist?

Obviously, the answer to these questions will not be positive.

So, never act under the principle of “wow, this is a super new library provided by Google/Facebook/Apple/etc, let us use it.” It may well turn out that using it is not entirely advantageous, and you will face more problems than benefit from its value.

Software developers, especially inexperienced ones, sometimes drift into some kind of parallel reality. They spend more time on the problems which they created themselves than on work that allows them to quickly achieve the goals set by the customer.

This is the issue to recognize and avoid as often as possible.

What Does a Business Need Then? Problem Solving

Obviously, people do not actually require software code. It is just a way to solve certain problems — business objectives, to be more specific. This means that the choice of a tech stack should be maximally expedient since the project’s future depends on it in many respects.

After all, users do not care about what technology was used to develop the software or application. They are interested in the results they get by using the app in business.

However, the customer should know the difference, and the developers must choose a technology stack based on their needs.

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For instance, you face the task of making MVP in a short time and at minimum cost. In most cases, you can achieve this by using well-known and predictable technology only.

You will have available a lot of ready-made libraries, templates, and options of how to make some interesting features. Moreover, in a difficult situation, you will not have to spend hours or even days correcting a trifling mistake.

There Are No Good or Bad Tools, There Are Suitable Solutions

As you already understood, we are not talking about the fact that one tool is better than the other. Everything has its own application area.

To develop software, you have to choose the technology which will provide benefits in its use – exactly that framework/language/library which will allow implementing the necessary functionality faster. Product reliability and predictability will be higher, and you will have to make less non-standard and expensive fixes.

It is better to leave hype stuff for the private developments. Only after the “new and advanced technology” is mastered and tested, you can start using it for practical projects. Therefore, here at Lvivity, we prefer to offer our customers efficient solutions, not just technologies.

If you are looking for partners to help you develop reliable and efficient software tools for your business, contact us. Our team is always ready to help and do the work at the highest level possible!

Petro Kovalchuk
Petro Kovalchuk

CEO at Lvivity

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