MyClub App

MyClub App – iOS and Android mobile application for fitness clubs members. Most of app’s design can be customized from server, so we don’t need to make new app version, only update design files on server. Apps are distributing to many Belgian fitness clubs.

Basic functions:

  • Server-driven theme customization;
  • Performance GIF control;
  • Video displaying control;
  • Flyout (sidebar) menu.

Features of application

  • MVVMCROSS custom binders and converters;
  • RestSharp for requests;
  • SQLite for backend datastore.

Tools & Technologies:
C#, Xamarin, MvvmCross, iOS, Android, ASP.NET WebAPI v2, OAuth2, Android Studio, MS Visual Studio 2012, Issue tracker, Git, Trello, ReSharper.

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