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Motivation to finish your boring job

Your Boring Job

Oftentimes, we face boring tasks that have to be finished before moving onto the next stage of work. It might be a lengthy project, mundane tasks, repetitive work, etc.

Some people handle it very easily, while for others it’s an enormous effort. The upside is that sooner or later the task is completed. And there is no doubt that the faster it all ends the better. Is there a way to stop procrastinating, focus, and finally finish the job? Here are a few tips that will help you to do it.

We’ll be brief, because everything is much simpler than it may seem to be.

Forget about motivation. Discipline yourself!

Yourself discipline

The word “discipline” should now begin every chapter of your everyday life. Trying to finish a job by motivating yourself is a lost. The word “motivation” was popularized by various inspirational speakers who are selling this fairytale to lazy people.

Average person feels much happier watching some motivational video where a another person gets charged up with a healthy dose of motivation, goes to the gym, follows a diet, and after just three months becomes as fit as a fiddle. The reality, however, differs from this fairytale.

Motivation, just like an emotion, comes and goes as soon as you are faced with a boring or repetitive task. Waiting for that moment to dawn upon you is futile.

First you have to begin doing the job, and then, after reaping the fruits of your labor, the motivation will come to you of its own accord. Don’t trust anyone who tells you to view motivational videos, watch movies about success or imagine yourself finishing the task and getting the reward.

If you were to imagine yourself completing a task and getting for it many sweet rewards, you will automatically feel as if you have really done the job. This will make it even less likely for you to finish all the dull work you have sitting in front of you.

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Only self-discipline! Simply take the fact that time to time you’ll have to deal with uninteresting that a thing should just be done. If the job seems insurmountable, you just have to split it up into a number of tasks and step up this ladder, praising yourself for each step you were able to make. Make a list of the stages of your work and gradually cross out the stages that were completed. Only this will create discipline.

Forget about motivation. It was created by scammers because no one really wants to hear the truth. The truth is, only through hardworking and self-discipline you can get the job done. Regretfully, it’s much more pleasant for people to hear a sweet lie rather than the bitter truth of life.

Try working with a timer

To make it more convenient, while working on your PC, you may use a time-tracking tool ( or other). Alternatively, you may use any other software that is based on the Pomodoro technique.

The key thing is not to be distracted by the external stimuli, all of which have to be turned off, and work according to the program of the timer. You will work knowing that soon you’ll get your hard-earned rest and the satisfaction from completing a portion of your work.

Also, if you’re losing all interest in the job that you are doing, you should repeat the following mantra to yourself: “Today I will endure; just this one day. No matter what tomorrow brings, today I will endure. Just do it.”
Alternatively, you can split the job into several parts and take a little break after completing each part. The little breaks can be used to daydream about how great it might be when you finally finish the whole damn thing 🙂

February 09, 2018
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