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Top Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dominate in 2020

Mobile App Development Trends 2020

Mobile app development affects both businesses and people’s lives for at least the past few years. Smartphones have become our constant companions, technologies have penetrated our daily lives, and mobile app development has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Worldwide Mobile App Revenues

Banks, stores, clinics, or small and medium-sized businesses — any company can benefit from using mobile applications for business process management and interaction with their customers. Whether you are a startup, a standalone developer, or a small business owner, you have to keep abreast of trends in mobile development to secure your position in a competitive market.

We have compiled a list of the main mobile app development trends in 2020 that will significantly influence the industry.

Mobile Healthcare and Wearable Devices

Digital healthcare, especially in the form of a mobile app, is one of the major last year’s trends with huge utilization potential. The current market offers tens of thousands of apps designed to monitor health, and hundreds of new ones are appearing every day.

Their functionality is often closely integrated with wearable devices, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, produced by multiple manufacturers in most various forms. Wearable devices may monitor and analyze body motion, heartbeat, the number and intensity of steps during walking, body temperature, blood oxygen levels, and so on.

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However, the potential of wearable devices is not limited to only healthcare. Consequently, developers and manufacturers still have a much wider scope of use for such devices.

Wearable Devices Revenue

5G Influence on the Industry

If you think the current 4G mobile Internet standard is fast, then 5G data transfer is quite comparable to supersonic speed (1 Gbit/second compared to 20 to 40 Mbit/second). This technology opens up tremendous opportunities for apps that, one way or another, use internet connection to operate.

However, it is not just about speed. A 5G standard is not just an improved 4G version, but a completely new architecture with the potential for a kind of network revolution. The opportunity to transfer large amounts of data at high speeds will allow many more apps to use artificial intelligence capabilities.

How 5G Impact to App Development
Such areas as functionality, security, and data processing capabilities can experience not just an exponential high-quality growth but the growth at an order of magnitude.

More Integration with the Cloud

This technology allows users and developers not to worry about storage capacity. Apps can handle large amounts of data without experiencing any operational issues. Services like Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure have become a standard for apps that focus on networking, the use of large databases, and cloud computing technologies.

Cloud Integration in App
However, the main advantage of cloud integration is data security and availability on multiple platforms. The end-user device load is significantly lower, which allows devices with even relatively weak technical parameters to operate at high speed.

Promising Future for Augmented Reality

AR interactive nature allows developers to bridge the gap between the graphical user interface and the real world, moving to a completely new level of interaction with the audience.
Some large brands are already using AR solutions to provide customers with convenient interaction with virtual products and data in various surroundings.

Gaming apps represent the dominant direction in this industry at the moment. However, businesses can obviously benefit from using augmented reality as well:

  • improved interactive visual experience for customers;
  • detailed product presentation and description;
  • training opportunities for employees;
  • higher labor productivity and service quality.

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AI Will Make Apps Smarter

Now, we will talk about speech and image recognition (cognitive technologies), spam detection, technical diagnostics, and much more. Virtual personal assistants (VPA), smart apps, IoT are all based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The combination of AI and ML can make complex and resource-intensive tasks accessible to a wider audience of users. These technologies produce a huge impact on the mobile app market, and they own the future.

AI Techonogies in Mobile App

For instance, an app with self-learning algorithms can analyze data on our behavior while we are doing shopping. So, next time, when you want to buy something, the app will generate optimal product recommendations for us. This approach proves to be very efficient for e-commerce apps.

IoT will become trendy

Smart devices will continue to penetrate our daily lives. They will turn from a fashion trend into an instrument designed to ensure comfort and safety not only for a certain family but for entire communities.

Such functionalities of Smart Home systems as intelligent lighting systems, smart locks, and engineering communications management will continue to expand, entailing the appearance of completely new types of devices. An IoT concept is now applied in homes and production, and even smart cities no longer seem to be stories from science fiction novels.

The number of enterprises focusing on IoT app development will continue to grow, and that can make smart devices as ubiquitous as smartphones.

Final words

Technology is changing the world, but even some ten years ago, few could imagine what incredible potential smartphones, able fit in your jeans pocket, could have.

Hope this article will provide you with good insight into the main trends in mobile development, which will determine the market development in 2020. Very interesting things opening up new opportunities for both developers and businesses are definitely waiting for us ahead.

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