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6 Typical Mobile App Launch Mistakes to Avoid

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Mobile App Launch Mistakes to Avoid

It does not really matter whether you are developing a mobile app on your own or are a customer, a high risk you will experience one of these mistakes still remains in both cases. You can reach success following your own path to it, but the reasons for failures are usually common for everyone.

If you comprehend well what things you should avoid, you can save time and money, as well as avoid various troubles. Moreover, at the mobile app launch time, this is especially important because many things depend on a good start.

Based on our experience in development and market analysis, we have compiled a list of typical mobile app launch mistakes. Here are the points we have included in it.

You Start Promoting your App Only at the Time of Release

You should not wait for your app to appear in the App Store and Google Play Store. Start your marketing campaign long before the release. This approach will help you prepare your audience and kindle their interest in advance, giving your app the necessary impetus at the start. Moreover, if you postpone this kind of activity until the time of release, it may prove too late.

Product development takes a lot of time and effort. Consequently, it is quite easy to concentrate on just the development process and forget about everything else. Nevertheless, marketing efforts are just as important as the development itself.

Mobile App Marketing Activities

We recommend you to read the following article on our blog “17 Efficient Ways to Promote a Mobile App that You Need to Know” and learn a lot of useful tips on the topic.

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You Rely on Organic Growth Only

In this case, we mean organic search in the App Store and Google Play, using which customers find what they need similar to Google search. This is a very promising and stable source of traffic, but you should not view it as a channel providing fast growth rates. Several important points to consider are as follows:

  • Users often do not know what they want;
  • If your app is known to rather few people, nobody will search for it by name;
  • General keywords are prone to very high competition because the number of apps is quite huge. So, your new product will hardly appear at the top or at least on the first lines.
iTunes App Analytics

That is why you have to experiment with different marketing channels to increase your chances of success.

You Focus Only on One Country on the App Store

Many developers keep their focus exclusively on the American App Store. That is the largest segment of the market indeed. However, if your app may become interesting to people in other countries, it is worth thinking about translating it into other languages ​​to significantly increase your audience reach.

Moreover, the competition in other countries’ markets may be significantly lower, making it easier for your app to become one of the leaders in its segment.

Most App Downloads by countries

Countries with Most App Downloads [by Apptweak]

You Lack an Update Strategy

It is impossible to release a perfect mobile app on the first try. With time, upon receiving feedback from your users, you will realize that some features do not work as you want them to work, your app lacks some features, and some functions do not work as they should. Moreover, some non-obvious bugs may appear in your app, due to which users may want to uninstall your app from their devices.

The main goal of the update release is to fix bugs and make your mobile app more functional and user-friendly. That is an opportunity to be one step ahead of your competitors and make users truly fall in love with your product.

You Underestimate the ASO Potential

ASO (App Store Optimization) is a set of application optimization measures taken to increase the number of organic installs from the App Store and Google Play. All elements of the app card (title, icon, keywords, description, etc.) play a crucial role, as they allow you to get a higher position in the search results and attract users’ attention.

ASO is not a marketing strategy on its own, but it is its important component. The main advantage of this work is that there is no need to pay for each click or installation. Your app’s popularity is gradually growing organically.

ASO Potential

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You Miscomprehend the Importance of Testing

It is unnecessary to explain once again the importance of quality assurance in software development. However, developers often neglect this phase or execute it at an insufficient level in the process of working on a product, especially when they are constantly pressed for time or want to speed up the release.

Inadequate UX, poor, disruptive performance, and low security standards are just some of the problems that developers can miss while users will experience all those issues to their fullest.

Having conducted a thorough pre-beta testing, you can instantly get more endorsing feedback and countless appraisals from users, and that will help you increase your app downloads.

To summarize

Mobile app development is a multi-phase process, but the launch phase is among the most important. If you want to gain success, you have to consider the best practices and avoid the mistakes listed above in this article.

The ecosystem continues to develop, standards change, and user requirements grow. To meet all of them, you should make an effort when working on your project, be it after the launch or before it.

We hope our article was useful to you. If you are looking for a team able to turn your idea into a successful product, contact us, and let us dwell on the details.

November 06, 2020

Head of Marketing at Lvivity. Overall 10 years experience in online marketing, content strategy, and SEO.

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