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7 Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Dedicated Development Team

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The problem of finding and hiring a qualified development team is crucial for any company that faces the task of creating an IT product. It may be software like CRM, a mobile app, or a website — the project type does not matter as the criteria for finding developers will be the same.

So, you have got a great idea and a clear vision of what the ready product should look like. All you have to do now is to find a suitable technology partner to help you realize it.

The matter is that this issue can become a difficult task since there is no unified versatile approach. Consequently, you may make some common mistakes while searching/hiring a developer. To prevent them, we have decided to write an article and consider the main mistakes you can make when hiring a dedicated development team. Knowing these things, you will be able to avoid problems in the future.

1. Choosing a Company without Studying the Media Space

The company’s activity in the public spotlight can tell you much more about it than any website info or communication with its manager. If the team consists of experienced professionals, they surely have a blog to share their experience in certain communities and on industry media websites.

Read customer reviews about the company on, study the info presented on its website, and visit its official pages on social media. Learn how long the company has been in the market and how many projects they have taken part in.

Company reviews on

Experienced teams share their expertise in the public media space, easily provide you with all the info, and are interested in the project quality because they value their reputation.

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2. Extra Geographic Restrictions

While looking for talented people, do not limit yourself to geographical boundaries. It would be best to look for suitable candidates regardless of their location and not just give preference to the developers because they live in your city.

Of course, it is always nice to meet your development partner in person. But does it really guarantee you the best quality project implementation? Nowadays, advanced communication possibilities allow you to go beyond geographical barriers and choose your partner not just among local developers. Expand your geography. Do not hesitate to use the IT outsourcing model. The expertise, professionalism, and more affordable cost of the dedicated team services will commonly more than compensate for the distance between you.

3. Price Priority Instead of Value

Choosing a developer, customer companies that order mobile app development look to low prices. However, pursuing low development costs will surely lead to disappointment. In the best case, the developers will save on app designing and testing and in the worst case — on requirements documentation and code quality.

The money you spend on paying for work should be secondary concerns to the return on investment gained. Experienced developers will cost money, but the acquired result will help you earn more.
Certainly, every business has project budget limits. Nevertheless, what really matters is the value you get for your money spent. Moreover, cheap labor will only increase your costs in the long run.

4. The Desire to Do Everything Against the Clock

Time can be of the essence, but too quick a movement ahead often leads to wrong decisions and a product released with lots of errors. “We need the app badly, deadline yesterday” is definitely a principle to avoid. Any task is limited by the minimum time required for its execution.

Project deadline

Inexperienced contractors may promise you development terms two times shorter than experienced software development teams. The reason for this is often their inability to conduct an adequate project assessment. In the best case, this approach will lead to a delay in release deadlines. However, it may well turn out you will get an entirely different product, contradicting your expectations, and spend all your money.

5. Superficial Acquaintance with the Team

Apart from studying the info about the agency, to which you are going to outsource your product development, it will be great to conduct several interviews with specific people who will take part in the development. In case their office is in another country, it is not a big issue either. You can fly to that location once every six months and get acquainted. Ignoring personal interviews and meetings is a common mistake on the customer’s part.

Before starting the project, ask the team to introduce you to a project manager who will lead the work on your product. This specialist is an intermediary between the customer, ordering a mobile app, and the development team. This person is extremely important for any project. If anyone tells you that the project is too small to have a PM and the developer itself is enough, take heed. It is quite possible that the company simply tries to save on resources.

6. Irresponsible Attitude toward NDA

Before you get to work, you have to conclude a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Moreover, this approach is relevant even in case you have cooperated with the team several times before. Excessive caution will never get in a way. Unfortunately, incidents of intellectual property thefts continue to occur regularly.

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7. Desire to Work Only at a Fixed Price

Developers can assess any more or less complex project at a fixed cost only if they include ample risks in it. Ultimately, the customer will overpay for the project in this case. A fixed priced is justified only for small projects when all variables are fixed and steady. In fact, it is quite a rare occasion.

Fixed price model in IT

Experienced developers prefer to collaborate based on the Time & Material model which will eventually benefit both parties. This approach is especially important for long-term projects because business requirements can also change over time.


IT product development will become an efficient and productive process if you do not repeat common mistakes that have cost time and money for other companies. Hiring a remote technical team can be a stiff task, but if you approach this task correctly, everything will be fine.

We hope our tips will help you recognize unfair developers and find a decent team to create your product. If you are looking for a reliable technology partner, contact us, and Lvivity experts will be happy to answer all your questions.

November 13, 2019

Flexibility, efficiency, and individual approach to each customer are the basic principles we are guided by in our work.

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