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Lvivity Gets New Five-Star Review for 2022

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Lvivity's Rewards

While everything is moving to digital, companies need people that can either make that shift happen or maintain their presence in the medium. Our team has always been the best choice for projects like this and we’ve worked hard to hone our skills to get to that level.

Today we want to celebrate our latest achievement in that department. This is because we’ve recently earned a new five-star review from one of our clients on our Clutch profile. 

The company we were working with for this project was an IT consulting service. They were looking for a reliable vendor that could help them build a team to work on a greenfield project to scale.

According to the review, we were chosen for the project because of our experience with the framework they wanted to use. This is in addition to the enthusiasm our team showed about working with them.

While we’d like to go over all the details regarding the engagement, there’s simply too much to mention for this article to cover. But those truly interested can get all that information on the review on our Clutch profile.

We also want to highlight an additional development that came about because of the publication of this review. Our team was recently included in a list of the best 100 Ukrainian .Net developers on Top Design Firms.

They are another B2B resource platform that helps companies find suitable vendors by creating industry rankings. This is a useful resource for us because it lets us and the market know where we stand in relation to our competitors. It also makes our path forward very clear.

Now that we’ve been included in the list, the next step is to climb it and eventually reach the peak of the industry. We are confident we already have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to do this. All we need is the opportunity to show everyone what we got.

Lvivity is a Ukrainian custom software development company, offering web and mobile development services to customers all around the world. We work with small businesses, individual customers, start-ups, and large corporations.

Our core services include mobile and web application development, product development, and IT outsourcing. We are experts in fintech, healthcare, blockchain, entertainment, IoT, inspection apps, and bank services.

Visit our website or contact our team directly to get started on a new partnership today.

June 02, 2022

Flexibility, efficiency, and individual approach to each customer are the basic principles we are guided by in our work.

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