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Key Internet of Things Statistics, Facts, and Trends for 2022

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Internet of Things Statistics and Facts

Implemented innovative technologies and digitalization increase business efficiency and change the way we work and live. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most promising technologies, due to which the world economy has come very close to the fourth industrial revolution.

Nowadays, everything seems to be already connected to the Internet — from production equipment to door locks. Since IoT technology enormously impacts the world, lots of people take an interest in them.

I have collected some of the most interesting IoT statistic facts relevant for 2022. They will help you understand this growing market better.

1. The global internet of things (IoT) in energy market was worth $15 billion in 2019 and is predicted to reach nearly $85 billion by 2026. [Facts and Factors Market Research]

2. The internet of things (IoT) market in manufacturing was valued at USD 187.33 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 487.30 billion by 2024. [Industry Research].

3. In the United States, about 35% of manufacturers collect and use data generated from smart sensors, to enhance manufacturing processes. [Industry Research]

4. The IoT home market is expected to reach a staggering $53.45 billion by 2022. [Leftronic]

5. Today, 70% of the best-selling wearables belong to the health and wellness industry, and 40% of all IoT-driven devices will be used there by 2026. [Safeatlast]

Apple Watch heart rate analysis

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6. 93% of enterprises have adopted (or will adopt) some form of IoT technology by the end of this year. [Securitytoday]

7. Over 80 Percent of Industrial Manufacturing Companies Are Using or Planning to Use IoT Devices.

8. The number of connected IoT devices by 2025 is expected to be more than 75 billion. This would be a nearly threefold increase from the IoT installed base in 2019. [Statista]

Number of connected IoT devices

8. Healthcare topped the list of segments with the highest growth in IoT adoption. It is followed by smart energy systems, connected cars, and smart city applications.

9. IoT cybersecurity is a concern for 95% of respondents, with nearly 40% “very concerned” about possible IoT vulnerabilities. [IoT Analytics]

10. A report by Mordor Intelligence forecasts that the global market for IoT, which was valued at $761.4 billion in 2020, will surpass $1.38 trillion ($1,386.06 billion) by 2026.

11. IDC predicts that data generated by connected IoT devices globally will grow from 17.3 zettabytes (ZB) in 2019 to 73.1 ZB by 2025.

12. Every second, 127 devices hook up to the internet for the first time. [McKinsey Digital]

13. Hardware still accounts for 35% of IoT technology’s total value, although trends suggest decreasing global market value. [PWC]

14. Smart factories in North America are predicted to be worth more than $500 billion in 2022. [Forbes]

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Smart Factory

15. IoT solutions have the potential to generate $4-11 trillion in economic value by 2025.

16. 58% of manufacturers say IoT is a strategic necessity for digitally transforming industrial operations. [IDC]

17. 74% of Global Consumers Worry About Losing Their Civil Rights. Data from the EIU survey suggests that the majority of surveyed consumers are concerned that “small privacy invasions may eventually lead to a loss of civil rights.”

18. In 2018, 57% of businesses adopted IoT in some way. By the end of 2021, the figure should hit 94%. [Aruba Research Report, Microsoft]

19. A 10% increase in investment in machine-to-machine interactions would boost the US GDP by $2.3 trillion over a 15-year period. [Frontier Economics]

20. Around 40% of the value IoT generates will come from developing countries. [McKinsey]

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June 03, 2021

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