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5 Proven Ways to Improve Your App Development Timeline

Speed Up App Development Process

Mobile app development has been progressing at an incredible rate. Its presence has undoubtedly been felt. And, it has been proven to be greatly beneficial for companies of all genres, including the well-established ones and those that are just starting out. Its progress has made organizations realize how important it is to have a mobile application.

Mobile apps are the fuel every company needs to enhance its operations. They’re the ‘silver lining’ for any upcoming startup, regardless of its field of specialization. A firm with a reliable, well-developed mobile application gets to benefit in multiple ways.

For instance, a business can use a mobile app to reach prospective clients more authentically, connect with customers, and deliver more valuable products. It can also help make a brand become widely recognized.

But, every business ought to be mindful of timeline and budget, right? The pressure is much greater for entrepreneurs. They’re now seeking quick, efficient app development processes. In fact, the only thing holding investors from funding great mobile app ideas is the inability to visualize them.

If you’re into mobile app development, then you’re probably familiar with the constant struggle between quality and speed. The best way to economically bring such ideas to life is by ensuring a quick, efficient app development process. Improving mobile app development practices could help you cut down the timeline of your projects to a great extent.

Improving your Mobile App Development Timeline

When compared to web development, mobile app development cycles are usually longer. Fortunately, there are multiple ways which can help speed up the app development process. Below, we discuss the 5 key tips you can follow to improve your mobile app development timeline:

I. Make Use of Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Don’t just dive into building the mobile app. It’s imperative that you begin well to achieve efficient app development. And, wireframes can assist you with that. You’ll get a clearer idea of what ought to be built for the mobile application.

Wireframe for app

Wireframes are essentially aimed at bringing everyone on the same page concerning the app being developed. You should preferably make use of low-fidelity wireframes as they are rough blueprints. They help save a significant deal of time, which will quicken the development process.

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Your team will also get better ideas which could be helpful in developing the necessary functionalities and other features like the user interface. Further, it’ll prove to be vital when deciding the app’s future aspects.

II. Employ the Lean Method and Start Testing

You need not make your way into the market with a product that’s completely formed. Adopt the lean method to launch a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) faster and start testing user interactions. It’ll help you analyze the market conditions and collect relevant data that comes along with the same.

Lean Startup Method

You can then make use of the feedback you’ve collected to determine the real thing which the customers need. At this point, we recommend operating on short cycles and rolling out new updates in 2-4 weeks’ periods. These will enable you to gauge users’ interactions with the app.

III. Hybrid App Development

Cross-platform app development is among the finest ways to accelerate your app-building processes. Advanced technologies for hybrid applications, such as PhoneGap and Xamarin, enable you to create codebases which work seamlessly on various platforms. Basically, you’ll code for only one app but, in turn, get more (for Android and iOS).

IV. Outsource Tasks on Non-Core App Features

In some cases, it’s more efficient to outsource instead of using an in-house team. It especially works out for tasks which involve non-core app features, like add-ons. It could also be worth considering when coding for different devices.

For instance, say you’ve in-house Android developers, but an iOS app is required as well. Then, you can hire experienced iOS developers rather than having your team struggle with it. By doing that, you’ll ensure that your team’s concentration is on what they’re good at.

V. Ensure App Security through Automated Testing

You want to deliver a secure and stable app, right? Then, you can automate the app testing process to achieve that and accelerate the app development cycles.
It’ll help you complete the work in a systematic manner, and in even less time. Automated testing will enable you to simultaneously run a series of tests which would take a lot of time to handle manually. It’s an excellent way to expand the test coverage, too.

In the long run, you’ll be more confident that the app is bug-free. You can make use of various software, such as Appium, for automated testing of Android and iOS apps.

Summing Up

The speed of app development is a crucial factor. Timely delivery is what everyone wants. That’s why it’s essential to have a structured, improved app development timeline. A well-defined procedure will enable you (and your team) to achieve your target effectively, and with few distortions.

The tips discussed above will certainly speed up your app development project, giving you an early entry into the app market. But, bear in mind that all time-saver options come with limitations. It’s, therefore, imperative that you make wise decisions in each step of the process.

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