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How Much Does Website Development Cost: Key Factors Determining Price

How much website development cost

The first and probably the most frequent question asked by every business owner planning to create a web project is how much it will cost.

It is difficult to clearly and unequivocally answer this question because cost for developing a website depends on many variables. Therefore, if you deal with experts, you will not get exact figures until you provide additional information.

Professionals will ask you dozens of clarifying questions which you have to answer to specify the requirements for the project. In the long run, the website development price is determined based on the hours spent to work on it.

Based on our experience, we can name the main things on which actual time spent on web development depends, and from there give you a price.

The Main Factors That Influence the Cost of Website Development

The specification of software requirements is an important issue. Consequently, the better you define the goals you want to reach, the more accurate the assessment that your contractors provide will be. Now, let’s look at each of the issues in more detail.

Website type. Websites are created for different purposes.  Their functionality and development complexity are different; therefore, time spent on their development will be different. For example, a small business website may consist of two dozen pages, but an online store may consist of twenty thousand.

In the former case, the number of interactive elements will be minimal, and in the case of an online store, such a project will include a product ordering system, payment facilities, user profiles, a product database management system, and many other functions.

Different types of website

We can highlight several main types of websites:

  • one-page landing page;
  • business card website;
  • corporate portal;
  • online store;
  • content project (media, media).

Another type of project which we can single out is a web application used to solve a specific task. As an example, let’s take a corporate internal document flow portal or a database used to store certain data.

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Functionality implementation. In this paragraph, we will talk about website capabilities. The following functions are the most common examples:

  • a user account;
  • a set of filters to sort out data;
  • a shopping cart, a method of adding goods to it, order checkout, and payment systems;
  • filling in the form to send a service order;
  • data display from an external source through the API, etc.

e-commerce website checkout

Each additional function requires time and money to be implemented, and the developer needs to give a preliminary assessment. The more functions your website has, the higher the development cost is. Therefore, to keep the budget within reasonable limits, you need to get good advice provided by website developers and to set priorities correctly.

UI/UX design. If you want your visitors to take your website seriously and your website to produce a positive impression on your visitors, it should look professional. That is why good website design is extremely important, and you should include the design development costs in your total expenses allocated for your website development.

There are two main options for solving a design issue: buy a ready-made professional template, or create an individual wireframe from scratch. The former option is quite cheap (up to $200), but it has several drawbacks:

  • it will be a sample solution, which means that dozens of other websites can use it;
  • you will have to modify the template to meet your needs, and that implies additional costs;
  • this option is only suitable if a website is created using a popular CMS, which is rare for complex projects.

It will cost more to create a unique design, but this option will take all your business needs into account. Design development usually involves several stages: researching, wireframing, and designing UI and UX.

Average website design development will cost from $750 to $4,000 (15 to 80 hours).

Front-End Development. The interface, drawn by a designer, is nothing more than a set of elements which require the work of a front-end specialist to operate properly. This is the first thing the user sees and interacts with when visiting a website.

This includes forms, filters to control content presentation, a certain data display, buttons, animation, a responsive design for mobile devices, etc.
Website front-end development estimate (roughly): 20 to 250 hours.

Back-End Development. Everything that is hidden from the user’s eyes and works on the server is a result of back-end development. A website’s server powers most of its functions.

For example, say you write a post on Twitter and press the Tweet button. At that moment, the work of the front-end is over. The entered text goes to the back-end, which saves it to the database. Another script takes your post from this database and returns your tweet to the front-end, displaying it in the general feed.

Website backend (admin panel dashboard)

A database is another important issue. There are websites based on huge databases, and they need an efficient mechanism to process them. The actual cost of database integration depends on the process complexity (specialist level) and the time required.

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Additional Expenses. Aside from the development cost itself, there are some unavoidable additional expenses. First, there are the costs necessary to purchase a domain name and to pay for hosting services.

Depending on your resource needs, this can be either a regular account for $10 per month or a dedicated service costing several hundred dollars for a monthly subscription fee.

As with any other product, it is necessary to regularly support and maintain your website to ensure its normal operation. The usual routine includes updating, fixing errors, and making minor changes to the functionality.

How shared hosting work

This approach is usually inexpensive, but should be considered anyway.

Hourly Rates and Average Figures. The most modern and reasonable approach to pricing is to prepare a website development estimate based on employees’ hourly work rates. By using this approach, developers can accurately calculate the price of development, which lets customers know what they pay for.

The more time that specialists need to spend on website development, the higher the final price will be. For example, if 120 hours were spent on project development from scratch with a rate of $30/hour, the website development price is easy to calculate:

120 x 30 = $3,600.

The hourly work rate mostly depends on the developer’s expertise. It is quite logical that web developers’ hourly rates are much higher if they have five years of experience and have taken part in hundreds of projects, and that their rates will be lower if the company employs students who are just learning to work in this area.

You can save your budget without losing quality if you outsource the project to teams from countries where work costs less. Read more about this in our article “9 Reasons Why to Outsource Your App Development to Ukraine.”

Let us summarize

Now you understand that the website development cost depends on a number of factors, each of which influences the final development price. However, this is an investment in your business which will provide good revenues in the future.

We can tell you about your project cost after a short interview, a requirements analysis, and a study of all the details. At this stage, we clarify what must be available on the website, what else you want to add, and what can be rejected or done later after the website launch.

If you are looking for a reliable technology partner to create a website, contact us, and we will answer all your questions.

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