The FUTExchange project came to light in May 2017, although it started being planned over a year before that. It consisted basically of the idea of allowing players to buy and sell coins amongst themselves, with no intervention by the habitual coin sellers.

There, you can both auction your own coins and look for someone else’s coins to buy. Thanks to FUTExchange, you can make some money out of those extra coins you have or buy the amount that you need in order to get the players you’ve always wanted.

The main challenge was to develop a product which help exchange ea market coins on real money.We developed a server side of this project. Our main goal was working with ea market and provide mechanism which helps ea users to buy and sell fifa players directly to each other.

We used java concurrency approaches. Base of this project is design pattern- chain of responsibility.

Result achieved:


Buying Coins

Whether you want to buy or sell coins, the first thing you need to do is sign up at futexchange.com. Is directly from this domain that all the service is provided.

If you’ve tried buying coins at some point and got confused with the process or didn’t like the price, consider trying out FUT Exchange. As soon as you click ‘Buy’ it’s all settled in four simple steps. When choosing the amount of coins you want and its corresponding platform, you’re automatically given the lowest price available so you can proceed to checkout. After that you just have to fill in some information relatively to a card you don’t need and the coins are delivered to you.

Alternatively, you may consult all the auctions available and decide which one you intend to go for. Not always the lowest price for each 10k coins is the one that interests you the most. It can depend on your choice based on other variables, such as type of delivery, seller feedback, or the type of auction.

If you’ve ever bought something on eBay, you won’t have a hard time using FUTExchange. The process is simpler and you won’t have to compete directly against anyone since people aren’t allowed to place bids and you always buy at a fixed price.

Selling Coins

Selling coins is a strategy used by many players who intend to save money to buy packs or even the game itself at the beginning of the following year. Whatever your motives might be, you might as well do that on FUTExchange.

The process of monetising your coins is even simpler than the one you go through when buying. You just need to click ‘Sell’ and fill in a simple form. You must define the amount of coins you intend to sell, the price you want for them, for how long your auction will be active and which type of auction and type of delivery it will be.

In this case you’ll face the concurrence from several other sellers that, like you, intend to receive the best price for their coins. In case you wish to accelerate the transaction, there’s a button that allows you to beat the whole concurrence by fixing your price as the lowest one amongst all the other active auctions.

  • Platform: Web
  • Technologies: Java 8, Maven, Hibernate, Postgres, Concurency, Design patterns.
  • Industry of the project: Business, Entertainment.
  • Country of the project: Portugal.

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