Bug Jam Adventure

Bug Jam Adventure game
Bug Jam Adventure is one of the best game in the genre of «tower defense» developed for Android and iOS.

A small cozy town was not waiting for the outbreak of bugs! You just wanted to eat a piece of cake. And berries. Ice also wouldn’t hurt either. And chips – well, how many of those chips? And a few of sweets!

But not with our happiness. So, take it now and protect all these delicacies from the cunning insects. They are flying, crawling and stealing up with predatory smile. And they are also breeding! Some of them are looking as they were drawn by Dali!

Those can be killed only with two bangs, all – with the three. All fingers are dirty with bug juice! No! Not just dirty! This juice can be exchanged for different hokeys-pokeys to fight against insects!

You’ll have to wander the forests and fields, seas and mountains, until you will clean up the whole district from these creatures! Because nobody, except you and your friends, will be able to cook their goose.

Employ your own strategy, collect bug juice and buy a weapon against bugs. Frog or freezing, Machete or Napalm – don’t limit yourself! The winner must be one!
Finally winner will receive something very tasty and delicious!

Awaits you:

  • 6 parts, more than 180 levels;
  • More than a dozen of resources against bugs! You can freeze, burn, crushing, cutting – choose what you want!
  • More than 27 different creatures – from Stinkie to Termit (and, of course, Cockroaches);
  • At the end of each part – Boss. And keep in mind, to cook his goose is not easy!
  • Gameplay drag out and 30 different achievements induce to run the game again!
  • Super-cool cartoonish graphics;
  • In-game guide detailing descriptions of different kindsof bugs and resources against them.

The game was developed using C# language and built using such popular technologies as Unity 3D, MonoDevelop, NGUI, iOS, Android, Json, Xml, Issue tracker, Git.

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