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Top 6 Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in Interior Design

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Augmented Reality in Interior Design

Augmented reality technology has become a long-expected innovation in architects’ and designers’ work as it allows them to transfer their projects and drawings from a 2D static space into a 3D dynamic model.

Apps developed using AR technologies are utilized in education, trade, and healthcare. Dedicated AR apps can greatly assist interior and landscape designers as well.

What Are the Differences Between VR and AR?

Virtual reality (VR) simulates a stand-alone world. To interact with it, users need specific devices transmitting human movements and affecting the peoples’ senses. A VR helmet or glasses are most often among them.

Augmented reality (AR) is easier to work with. That is the real world, supplemented by virtual elements “expanding” or “enriching” it.

Even such hard things as changes to the interior become engaging and exciting to do using this technology: when used in the interior design area, AR allows designers to try new furniture in the living room, find out the size of the room, or see how posters will look on the walls.

6 Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in Interior Design

Let us read about key benefits from both customers’ and contractors’ perspective.

  1. Increased sales

Many people prefer to buy merchandise in physical stores just because they can see what the product they are interested in looks like in real life. The possibility to render a product using a tool like AR provides a similar experience. Moreover, the technology stimulates those buyers who are already accustomed to buying online as well.

According to surveys, 71% of consumers confirm they would make more purchases if they could visualize a product using AR.

  1. Increased customer loyalty

As customers are increasingly confident in their purchases, they have no doubts about the product chosen, as they had the opportunity both to examine its features and see it “live.” Consumers make purchase decisions faster, and such decisions become more deliberate and balanced.

Consequently, users’ positive experience leads to their increased satisfaction and loyalty. Companies gain a higher average check, and the rate of repeat orders increases.

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  1. Decreased merchandise return rate

The merchandise return process entails excess costs for companies. Customers, in their turn, waste time preparing the required papers. Reducing the possibility of such circumstances is in the best interests of both parties — buyers and sellers.

Using AR as an efficient tool for optimizing business processes, brands and companies reduce the merchandise return risks and avoid excess costs.

Creating room design with AR app

  1. Facilitated communication

When used, these technologies can definitely reduce the time required to coordinate the project with customers and facilitate communication while discussing details. AR provides the opportunity to learn more about the product and its possible customizations, and that allows consumers to get a deeper understanding of their potential purchase and increase their confidence in the decision made.

Augmented reality for architectural design

  1. Accelerated work on projects

Having the possibility to look at the product before buying it, users are more confident and quick in making decisions about paying for the product. Sellers do not have to explain anything for a long time, as they can just show everything to customers. Therefore, while previously, discussing could have taken a week to clarify details necessary for decision making, just a few-hours talk may suffice now.

  1. Competitive advantage

Harnessing the power of augmented reality, businesses can benefit from new marketing opportunities and gain a competitive edge. Even a small lead over competitors can mean a lot for a particular business in the modern market.

If your competitors still feel reluctant to use this technology, it is not the reason for you to develop the same attitude. On the contrary, you should view these circumstances as an opportunity to become one of the first and get ahead of other players.

Growth of Various AR/VR Applications Global

Global Mobile Augmented Reality Market 2021-2025

Let us sum up

Even though the technology appeared not so long ago and continues to develop, businesses can enjoy good prospects from using its capabilities when developing their mobile app or website. When it comes to interior design, AR can bring a vast improvement to user experience.

People want to see new designs and furniture before buying, get inspired to change their interior, and new technologies allow them to do it the easiest way possible. Besides, the technology will benefit both buyers and sellers.

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February 18, 2021

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