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Application Modernization: Why Businesses Have to Upgrade their Legacy Software

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Application Modernization services for business

Transforming your legacy software products using modern technologies allows you to increase their efficiency and adapt your business to the realities of the digital world. This issue becomes relevant for any company at a certain stage of development.
We can describe this process as follows:

Application modernization is the refactoring or rewriting of a legacy software system using a new programming language or porting it to a new platform that better meets current business needs.

Corporate IT infrastructure is very important for the efficient operation of a company. However, if it is outdated, it may become a serious obstacle to its further development and digital transformation.

When You Need to Upgrade Corporate Apps

You have to modernize legacy systems because of a number of factors. Here are a few basic reasons that we can call the most important for business:

  • Corporate software objective obsolescence that negatively affects your company’s competitive performance.
  • High maintenance cost of a legacy system.
  • Serious architectural flaws.
  • Low performance and scalability issues.
  • Current functionality inconsistency with modified business needs.
  • The necessity to enter new platforms – for example, creating a web and mobile version for a desktop app.
Legacy software modernization

As software becomes outdated, its efficiency reduces significantly. Consequently, from a strategic perspective, modernization may prove to be more profitable than outdated product operation and support.

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Key Benefits of Software Modernization

While implementing this project, you will commonly achieve several goals at once. Moreover, you will get obvious benefits by modernizing your company’s outdated corporate apps, such as:

  1. Speed and flexibility. This is not only about increasing data exchange speed, which is already good, but also about the business’s ability to respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the market.
  2. Global integration. If some of the capabilities were implemented as separate modules on different platforms and languages in the process of old system operation, all of them will now be integrated into a whole.
  3. Stability and scalability.Architectural drawbacks and other issues that affected the operation stability will now be eliminated. In addition, you can establish the necessary scaling potential in the system.
  4. IT infrastructure improvement. In the process of modernization, more cost-effective solutions are implemented and security issues are eliminated. In addition, taking into account the already mentioned scalability and productivity growth potential, you can improve your company’s IT infrastructure as a whole.
  5. Cost reduction. To achieve this goal, you can eliminate costly maintenance for your outdated solutions, making operating costs manageable and scalable.

A reasonably compiled technical specifications list will allow you to bring the upgraded app in full compliance with the customer’s business requirements. Moreover, the development company will be able to offer their own recommendations to improve basic features.

Mobile Apps and Cloud Migration

Mobile platform app development and cloud data migration are among the most important areas in the modernization process of corporate systems, which enhance access to such corporate systems. Using cloud resources, you can significantly reduce costs necessary for system deployment throughout your company.

Mobile app migration to cloud

This approach is especially viable for corporate products used in financial institutions and niches such as healthcare; companies working in this area often use products developed decades ago. This fact makes optimization for such mobile platform products in their original form an impossible task.

In this article, we have provided a sufficient number of reasons why it is worth investing in such a project. Software modernization allows you to use new technologies to enhance your company’s competitive advantages and improve your business’s operational efficiency.

Lvivity can offer you a full range of services in this direction and guarantee high-quality project implementation carried out by our developers. If you have any questions, write to us, and we will certainly offer you the best solution.

July 03, 2019

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