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Apple App Clips: How Do They Work and Which Are Benefits for Business

What are Apple App Clips

Presenting its iOS 14, Apple introduced lots of interesting features, and mini-applications called App Clips were among these innovations. With App Clops on their hands, users will have an opportunity to save time, interacting with certain app functions faster.

Let’s take a closer look at how this feature works and what advantages businesses can get using this tool.

What Is App Clip and How It Works

As Apple explains on its official website:

App clips are a great way for users to quickly access and experience what your app has to offer. An app clip is a small part of your app that’s discoverable at the moment it’s needed.

So, that is a small part of a larger app designed to solve one specific issue, for instance, renting a bike, paying for journeys, paying for food, and things like that.

In its dedicated trailer, Apple shows how this feature works when applied:

Apple Pay and Apple ID support in App Clips allows paying for goods and services quickly, and that expands the potential use of this tool to satisfy the needs of almost any B2C business.

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You can develop several App Clips for one app at once and for different use cases. If you do not use them for more than 30 days, they are automatically deleted from the device.

Developers can also offer users to download a full version of the app. All the data will be transferred in this case:Download a full version of the app

Interestingly, users can share an App Clip Card with other people, publishing its URL in a social network or sending it to a certain person in a private message.
App Clip Cards

Along with the App Clip feature, Apple also introduced App Clip Codes. These are special QR codes containing a graphic image and an NFC tag. To activate the mini-app, users just have to bring the phone close to it or point the gadget’s camera at the code.

For the time being, no one is sure if smartphones running Android OS will be able to correctly recognize App Clip Codes.

Where Can Users Resort to App Clips?

The main purpose of this tool is to increase user engagement, making it as easy as possible for users to interact with any app. In fact, any company providing a mechanism for quick goods or services ordering can use App Clips.
Here are some of the examples:

  • gift certificate or discount coupon activation;
  • bicycle or electric scooter rental payment;
  • facility access ticket validation;
  • electronic queue management (for example, in a bank);
  • cafe order payments;
  • cars park spot rental;
  • hotel self-check-in;
  • etc.

App Clips Examples
Such mini-apps will greatly accelerate customer interaction with a company offering goods or services required by users.

App Clips Benefits for Business

With the iOS 14 release and App Clips appearance, the world will become more interactive, and user interaction with apps will become faster. You do not have to wait until everything downloads or uploads, and you do not have to sign up, all you have to do is to scan a QR code or tag to promptly get what you need.

The conversion will undoubtedly grow because companies will now be able to start their spot advertising campaigns offering services and info about themselves only when such services or data are really necessary for their target audience. The customer receives the opportunity to use exactly that feature that best suits the background.

At the same time, the customer privacy level remains high, and that is extremely important nowadays. The emerging tool will bring benefits to businesses, users, and Apple itself.

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