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7 Technology Trends that Will Change the World in 2018

Technology Trends 2018

Modern technology is rapidly developing and it’s important to keep up with the latest trends to preserve your business relevant. The Internet of Things, AI and Blockchain are already changing global economy, interaction between people and the world around us. What seemed to be a distant prospect becomes an objective reality.

We want to tell you about trends in technologies that will potentially have the heaviest impact on business in 2018. Some of them are entering the maturity stage and can have a radical impact on how we work and live. It is quite possible that we are standing at the threshold of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In my opinion, these are top tech trends which will dominate in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence for Business
Solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have already become the basis for many innovative products and ideas. It is quite possible that soon AI will become an integral part of almost every technological product.

Its main advantage is the ability to self-study in real time and continuous data processing. Due to this fact, companies in various industries can better understand customer wishes and preferences. And this, in turn, boosts the revenue.

In 2017, systems based on Artificial Intelligence began to develop on the basis of the data they receive themselves, without any human help. This marked an important stage in the development of technology, which means investments in this area will significantly increase.

The AI ​​potential is constantly growing and people will delegate to it more and more tasks already in the coming years. Thereby business will save time, close “bottlenecks” and spare employees of the routine, giving them more time for creative tasks and personal growth.

Technologies based on Artificial Intelligence smoothly merge with our everyday lives, and its implementation in such areas as healthcare, finance, manufacturing and services sector is inevitable. This trend, set several years ago, will increase in 2018.


Blockchain technology
The idea of ​​Blockchain technology is as simple as possible – it’s a huge database of general use that functions without centralized management. Blokchain is the basis of cryptology, but this technology goes far beyond the release of “virtual money.”

This technology is used in the banking sector, real estate market, and corporate governance systems. Smart contracts, high levels of security and no need for intermediaries can fill the fundamental needs of many markets.

Although Blockchain is still developing, the speed and security of transactions may encourage financial organizations to start actively using this system in 2018.

However, to become a mainstream, products based on Blockchain technology should become as common as the Internet. Consumers do not know how Amazon or Facebook work, but they eagerly use them every day. It will have a real impact on business and society.

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality in use
At a time when virtual reality slows in growth, the Augmented Reality, on the contrary, is gaining momentum. A huge advantage of this technology is that the user is not tied to a fixed workplace and the requirements for the technics power are much lower. Unlike virtual reality, the Augmented Reality is way simpler and looks much more useful in solving multiple everyday tasks.

The real breakthrough in this direction became the ARKit platform demonstrated by Apple on WWDC 2017. All you need for using this technology is a smartphone that is always at hand. And most importantly, content for Augmented Reality can be created by ordinary people, without any high technical skills.

From a commercial point of view, this technology has repeatedly proved its viability. So, architects and engineers are already using the AR-set to visualize new projects and coordinate actions. Now they do not have to come to the site for making corrections and consulting employees, they can do it remotely.

This is a global trend, so companies and entire industries are beginning to actively use AR to improve working process and bring them to a new level.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things - Smart Hub
Intelligent devices for solving various tasks are gradually becoming an important part of the modern way of life. Intelligent devices at home, in cars and even the healthcare sector are no longer the latest innovation and are actively being used on the market. Even such familiar home appliances as refrigerators and coffee makers are becoming “intelligent” nowadays.

According to the forecasts, these smart devices are going to interact with each other, which will allow users to further personalize their work. For example, now some IoT devices can be programmed for certain actions, without having any coding skills.

The term “Internet of Things” involves combining the usual devices into a network, which becomes something more than just a sum of constituent elements. The further development of Apple Home Kit and other similar systems in 2018 will make this market segment even more popular.


BigData for Business
The concept of BigData means working with information of enormous volume and diverse composition, which is often updated and comes from different sources. The purpose of using BigData is to increase the work efficiency, new products creation and enhancing competitiveness.

Social analytics, advertising and marketing, customer behavior analysis in e-commerce, medicine, and finance – there are many spheres where the use of this technology can help improve performance. The intensive development of AI and the rapid growth of information volumes make BigData-based tools even more in demand these days.

Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars
Tesla, Google, General Motors, Uber and many other companies have been actively working in this direction for years. Equipped with an automatic control system, they can be driven without a person. Autonomous vehicles have already come close from the stage of testing to mass commercial usage.

Self-driving cars are equipped with various sensors, including cameras, Lidar and radar which collect real-time information about the car surroundings. Radar can even feel the difference between a real person and a human-like cardboard figure. All components of the system work simultaneously.

Obviously, this technological trend can soon completely change our attitude to transport and logistics. Such difficulties as finding a parking space may become history.

Wearables Technologies

Wearables Technologies in Use
Wearable devices are a kind of mini computers: bracelets, glasses, watches and even clothing items. Most modern devices of this type use a smartphone with the Internet connection.

Wearable technology is mostly associated with already well-known smartwatches and fitness trackers. But nowadays, technology development allows you to use such mini gadgets for a variety of purposes. One of the latest innovations represented are the Google Pixel Buds wireless headphones with built-in synchronous interpreter function that works in real-time.

This year we will explore even more interesting new products, especially those focused on healthcare. More and more people are paying attention to healthy lifestyles globally, so the wearable devices market is growing rapidly.

These seven forecasts cover only a tiny part of the technological changes that await us next year. They are the ones which are going to affect business globally and best reflect the essence of the changes that await the economy and society.

What do you think about this? Can you add something interesting from yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Volodymyr Fedorychak
Volodymyr Fedorychak

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