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6 Common Web Development Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Myths about Web App Development

Nowadays, any business has to be present on the Internet more than ever, and that makes the web development service highly-demanded. However, most customers still completely misinterpret this area.

Admit that it is difficult to achieve a positive result if your own ideas about something mismatch the reality. That is why we are going to tell you about some of the most popular customers’ myths about web app development and explain why you should never believe in them.

1. Web App Development Is Easy

If something seems simple when you look at it, it does not mean it actually is. The main page of the Google search engine is a good example — in earnest, it hides the results of the work done by thousands of specialists.

The myth about simple website development probably exists due to Wix-type tools requiring no in-depth knowledge to work with. However, those who tried such tools in practice could see that even such solutions are actually quite difficult to use.

While developing a mere one-page website, you may need a lot of time in case you have a task to make a business tool rather than an Internet “business card”. To make certain features work, you may need dozens or even hundreds of development hours.

Web App Development Isn't Easy

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2. The Main Thing Is to Start — We Can Come Up With Functionality Later

Customers often think that the initial development stage can do without delving into details, thinking over the functionality, and creating a thorough technical specifications list. They believe they will be able to add or change something during the development process. Moreover, they usually think that such changes will not affect the project deadlines and budget.

This is wrong. Each change, be it some additional functionality or it’s modification, will require more time to be implemented, and therefore, will increase the development cost. Consequently, customers should clearly see what tasks their website is to solve well before technical specifications are created for developers. This approach will save time and money.

3. It Is Best to Hire s Company from Your City

This stereotype is more inherent to those customers who are not used to modern technologies and who feel uncomfortable in new online realities.

Even though the developers are based in an office on a neighboring street, there is no guarantee your budget will be used efficiently. At the same time, if the contractors have sufficient expertise and offer their services at a reasonable cost, thousands of kilometers should not become an obstacle for the customer to start cooperating with them.

Looking technical partner

Read more about it in our article “Location-based Types of IT Outsourcing: Local, Nearshore, and Offshore”.

4. You Can Rest on Laurels After Your Website Is Launched

You can compare the process with some business — it is much easier to create a company than to make it profitable and achieve steady growth. For the same reason, it is often easier to create a website than to ensure its further quality maintenance and promotion.

5. It Is Necessary to Develop CMS from Scratch

It is a common practice to try and make something unique rather than use a ready-made solution. The developer company will surely benefit from this approach, not the customer. Moreover, some CMS designed from scratch may often be behind ready-made solutions or even open-source systems in several parameters.

You can currently find a ready-made solution for almost any task. For instance, we used ASP Net Zero framework to create many projects, and this approach allowed us to achieve the results required by our customers cheaper and faster.

6. Developers Can Do Everything Themselves

No one knows better than you what objectives you want to reach for your business, using web development. No one except you can set up your company’s and website’s development strategy. As early as at the website development stage, you can think over and take into account specific measures allowing you, for example, to reduce its support and maintenance cost in the future.

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Consequently, the possibility to pay developers and step aside from the process is no more than a myth. Any customer should be completely involved in the work on the project: to delve into important nuances, approve the work, and verify the results.

To Summarize

It is both absurd and expensive to believe in myths. After all, there is a risk of losing time and money as a result.

Web development implies a clear sequence of actions, and for successful project implementation, it is always necessary to involve not only performers but also customers. As it goes with any other services, the process needs not only labor hours provided by developers but also their expertise and experience.

The good news is that experienced specialists comprehend this matter well enough and always try to help customers with either technical specifications or other aspects. If you are looking for a reliable technology partner, please contact us, and we will gladly answer all your questions.

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