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25 Insightful Statistics About Startups for 2022

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Insightful startup statistics

Technological development, the possibility to outsource projects to remote teams, and extensive use of digital solutions in all areas of our lives have lowered the market entry threshold and result in more and more new startups.

Innovative business ideas have always been the main economic powerhouse. It is important to comprehend what is going on in this area, and it does not matter whether you are an existing business owner or just plan to launch a new startup.

Startup statistics and facts mentioned in this article can help you understand the market better, give you some tips on finding ideas, and lead you to interesting conclusions.

1. The United States is the leading country by the number of startups (63,703). The second on the list is India, with just 8,301 startups, and the third spot is occupied by the UK, with 5,377 startups. [Startup Ranking]

2. Around 50% of Unicorn companies are located in the United States. [Crunchbase]

Geographical distribution of unicorn companies


3. In 2020, there were 475 “unicorns” in the world collectively worth a whopping $1.394 trillion. [CB insights]

4. 19% of startup leaders agree that competition is the greatest challenge when starting a business. [Quickbooks]

5. Contrary to popular belief that companies with several co-founders are more successful, the vast majority of exit startups had just one founder. [Crunchbase]

6. Poor analysis of the market, for which the future product is developed, and excess costs are the two key reasons why most startups fail. That is relevant even for projects with a successful business model.

The top 20 reasons startup fail

Entrepreneurs more often address problems that are interesting for them to solve rather than those that serve their market needs. To know more about how to test a product idea before launching the product itself, read our article: “7 Ways to Rapidly Validate Your Startup Idea.”

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7. App Store features more than two million apps. However, according to App Annie, just a few thousand of them generate more than $1 million a year.

8. Kellogg Insight has estimated that 40-year-old people are twice as likely able to found a successful company than people of 25 years of age.

9. More than half of US startups, valued at $1 billion or more, were founded by immigrants. This means that no matter what country of the world you are from, you have a chance of success. [NFAP]

10. The BCG data revealed the number of fintech startups worldwide tripled in the last two years, rising from over 12,200 in 2019 to 26,000 in 2021.

11. Asian fintechs lead in the total value of investments, with $50.3bn in funding rounds so far. The North American companies raised $47.8bn in funding, ranking as the second-leading region globally. European fintech startups follow with $18.2bn worth of investments.

12. In 2019, global investments in cybersecurity startups amounted to 6.24 billion U.S. dollars as of July 12, signaling that the amount of funding in the entire year of 2019 will likely exceed that in 2018, which stood at around seven billion U.S. dollars. [Statista]

13. The biotech industry is already valued at $295B. And that number may grow in 2021 as DNA analysis becomes more widestream and advanced. []

14. 60% of entrepreneurs agree that AI is currently the most promising innovation technology. [Silicon Valley Bank]

15. In 2020, 65% of adults in Britain wanted to start their own business according to startup statistics for the UK. [Micro Biz Mag]

16. According to 52% of US small-business owners, venture capital is expected to be their next source of funding. [Hustle Life]

17. The most popular financing options for startups in 2021 was cash. [Guidant Financial]

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Most popular startup financing methods

18. Statistically, there are about 305 million total startups created in a year. 1.35 million businesses out of those startups are tech related. Also, there are 3,173 companies that increased from 185 accelerator programs. [Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)]

19. The country with the highest number of startups in the world in 2020 was definitely the US. [Startup Ranking]

Top 5 countries with most startups

20. The ratio of men entrepreneurs to women entrepreneurs in 2019 is 10:7. [Global Entrepreneurship Monitor]

21. In 2020, 61 percent of super start-ups across the world offered B2B solutions, whereas the other 39 percent offered B2C solutions. [Statista]

22. Most valuable unicorns, worldwide, 2020:

Most valuable unicorns, worldwide

23. 1 in 3 businesses gets off the ground with no more than $5,000. [Profit From Tech]

24. Startups with mentors grow 3.5 faster and raise 7x more money. [Forbes]

25. Business owners consider communication the most important skill any founder needs. [Freshbooks]

Top skills required for small business or self-employment success

May 13, 2021

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